Information Need-To-Know – Guidline of how to use our prescriptions

  1. Online Tangfang: The user directly from the on-line voluntarily series printing, voluntarily the dispensing, voluntarily the suffering, voluntarily takes, does not have to use somebody as a cat's-paw;
  2. Fries the clothing:
    1. The soup side date and the availability date and time is local time;
      • The formula only limits effective ahead of time takes, exceeds the time limit takes or can cause the danger;
    2. In the side shows takes the time is the local time (your locus local time), coordinates the human body vitality movement;
      • If in the side the instruction may take the time interval is:
        • 18:00-20:00  23:00-1:00  4:00-6:00
        • The expression may take (on first during this three time intervals any two time intervals two), then by:
        First: 18:00-20:00 second: 23:00-01:00 or

        First: 23:00-01:00 second: 04:00-06:00 or

        First: 04:00-06:00 second: 18:00-20:00

        • This each time interval is two hours, namely a time, must take in this time interval;
      • The suggestion just started when this time interval took medicine, by was twice the result with half the effort, obtains the best curative effect (in particular condition serious), above time was the example:
        • If takes medicine in 23:00, the effect will be able compared to to take medicine high 30% in 23:03;
        • Namely like in the side instructs 23:00-1:00, then the best time is in 23:00, the late branch effect reduces; Also may not early one divide, namely in front of 23:00, if 22:59 takes, therefore time already was beside the time interval;
        • Therefore keeps the so long time interval, is because some people need to go to work the work study, is not necessarily convenient; When was the time interval just started takes medicine the effect to be best, but in this time interval after excess time, the effect was not bad, sufficiently showed disdain for many colleagues;
      • Does not allow in other time to take!
      • If takes in the evening, may prepare the alarm clock, or with handset shaking machine function;
      • Unintentionally loses may understand that, hoped wholly absorbed expresses best wishes, the mood which respects follows;
    3. In the side simultaneously instructed takes when optimum temperature;
      • Frozen clothing: Takes out by the refrigerator then takes;
      • Take lukewarm: Slightly heats up, the temperature is slightly high perhaps the room temperature (25 degrees centigrade);
      • Be taken hot: Take not very hot burns as (may use microwave oven or hot water heats up);
    4. A medicinal preparation, does not have duplicate to fry every day, divides two times of clothing;
      • The side Chinese native medicine, is at the same time puts in the suffering (for example not to indicate together, does not need minute successively);
      • The medicine does not have to soak, theoretically also does not have to clean (only if is very dirty);
      • In the side like includes the wines, the ethyl alcohol all evaporated in the suffering process, therefore drinking wine also cannot take;
      • Dregs of medical decoction does not need to take nourishment, because the legumes digest with difficulty;
    5. With fries the Chinese native medicine special-purpose tile medicine pot, the characteristic is the mouth child small among is big, has the mouth to have the lid;
      • Has flooded the medicine approximately three inches, first the high heat, after boils the soft fire, maintains micro boils the condition, fries to the less than half bowl;
      • Decocts medicinal herbs when not the suitable frequency uncaps; If fries sticks, fries burnt should abandon it, therefore time property of a medicine changed;
        • The multi- people take when needs the massive suffering, may use many ceramic household utensils to add the top head, by the pressure cooker, the microwave oven or the steamer steams it, this time has flooded a little then, because steams the time moisture is basic cannot lose;
        • When use Chinese medicine convention Tang fangche, massive suffering, also may equate processing;
      • Clinic or dining room either decocts medicinal herbs which for the visitor dispensing:
        • Because the visitor comes the time not necessarily is takes medicine the time, may use 3 foam rubbers cups / vessel to load separately, puts in the refrigerator, on time takes;
        • Simultaneously must give the formula the visitor, because in the side instructed the availability date, takes the optimum temperature which the time and takes, must obey enjoins the use, for is really important;
        • After takes abandons from about to the formula (please do not attempt matches again);
      • If in a family multi- people with clothing:
        • May according to the seniority in relationships, if ancestor parents, parents, brothers sisters' order (from on to under, from a long-range point of view to young), (prescription does not have to write name) as the prescription arrangement;
        • Place only then matches 3 day to use the quantity, with 3 cups abundant it, the cup may use the pen which does not fade to inscribe A1, A2, A3 (grandfather), the same principle grandmother is B1, B2, B3, the father is C1, C2, C3, the mother is D1, D2, D3, the brother is E1, E2, E3, the sister-in-law is F1, F2, F3, the younger brother is G1, G2, G3 ......
        • A1, A2, A3 is the grandfather uses, separately in 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date drinks the clothing; B1, B2, B3 is the grandmother uses, separately in 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date drinks the clothing ......
    6. May beforehand fry, saves to the refrigerator (for example time busy);
      • With three earthenware jars, at the same time the distinction the suffering the third medicine (cannot gather in as soon as appoints an earthenware jar);
        • Or with an earthenware jar, gradually the suffering the third medicine (divides three time);
      • Also may use three small tiles cups, for covers with the small small dish (by cling wrap be built by contract, must keep two eyelets on cling wrap), puts together in the pot steams for a hour;
        • This time has flooded the medicine little then, when steams the moisture cannot reduce;
        • This law only is restricted in the foods with Chinese medicines mixed in to cure the side, the conventional Chinese native medicine prescription does not apply this;
      • Being seriously ill suggestion day after day suffering, namely daily suffering;
      • Egresses when may use the solidified alcohol furnace and furnace accessories, or small electric stove;
    7. The medicine and does not have specially requests, to be worthy of the name then, only is the quantity may not miscount;
      • If red jujube, no matter is the north which south produces produces, the domestically produced import in a big way, small, fresh ripe, dry fresh, the circle is flat, so long as it is the red jujube then;
      • Chrysanthemum, if we have not said any color, then red and white Huang Heichun may; If we have not indicated the habitat, then Hang Chingyueh gui Chunk'o; Also is said, the roadside pot, the pharmacy flower shop which which picks buys, picks picks may, in your family garden also may;
      • Nut's outer covering needs to beat open or except that, like maidenhair tree, walnut and so on (convenient suffering);
      • Right amount: The meaning is independently considers, if granulose young white granulated sugar or blows little piece sugar pieces powder also to be allowed, granulose young table salt also may;
      • Piece (square centimeter): The piece area size take the square centimeter as, namely a square centimeter is a piece (length 1 centimeter, width 1 centimeter);
      • Scrap (cubic centimeter): The scrap volume size take the cubic centimeter as, namely a cubic centimeter is a scrap (length 1 centimeter, width 1 centimeter, height 1 centimeter);
    8. The suggestion or very closely decocted medicinal herbs by the children (hands down since old times), caused the medicine to add on the compassion, obtained high, is better, a quicker curative effect;
      • Do not do for somebody as far as possible by the worker, only if must already, because has always not is better than;
      • With the point of view which plays do not go to the dispensing, decocts medicinal herbs and takes medicine;
      • Own decoct medicinal herbs with the others decocts medicinal herbs, the curative effect may differ 50%, therefore suggested oneself begins;
    9. Must go to work or egressing, may load the jar to take away, some jars itself has the constant temperature function (for example weather to be burning hot or long time, may deposit in refrigerator);
      • The small revertex milk bottle is also good, the nature light health may heat up;
  3. Explanation:
    1. The patient does not have to obtain doctor practicing western medicine's agreement, only then receives a medical examination the Chinese medicine. The Chinese medicine is the natural method, is not the toxicant, cannot affect, center and or catalyzes the doctor practicing western medicine western medicine the toxicity;
      • Directly regards the Chinese medicine for food then, in fact our sesame seed mung bean soup itself is food;
      • The doctor practicing western medicine fasts the period, cannot eat food when any food;
        • May suspend takes the Chinese native medicine, to relieves fasts to restore (time again fluid medium diet then);
        • Either may use the chopsticks or the cotton and kapok festooned club moistens a drop of Chinese native medicine drop to on patient's tongue, equally can have the effect (not to be able to hinder and to affect fasts), including remaining unconscious;
          • Under certain situations, because all sorts of reasons are unable to obtain the doctor practicing western medicine to agree, but the family member or the patient cares about when doctor practicing western medicine's decision, also may follow a set pattern, only takes drop of Chinese native medicine to the patient, so, believed these very can say the people have been also undisputable (but, this similarly involves to to the Chinese medicine respect, because your excellency listened to doctor practicing western medicine's speech to illuminate the doctor practicing western medicine to complete, why looked for the Chinese medicine? Has looked for Chinese medicine many pretexts), will have later on for it;
          • After the Chinese native medicine diluted 1,000 times still to be allowed to retain the curative effect, because its mechanism and the western medicine were different, recuperates, zero balance, the Golden Mean, is four two dialed the extremely heavy principle, the silicon-controlled rectifier switch principle, the field principle, can principle, did not have to calculate the lethal dose;
          • Likes the Chinese medicine is with observation, but is not with the stethoscope, the supersonic wave, the X- line, the electrocardiogram is same (is impervious);
      • Should not simultaneously receive a medical examination two above Chinese medicine, different to have because of the possible view flushes, affects the treatment;
        • Namely accepts our treatment, with looked other Chinese medicine, only may select its one, sincerely it;
        • Chinese medicine not fixed standard or method, law indefinite method, ever changing (because its source to is easy), therefore only can to the curative effect confirm / the conclusion (strip strip main road passes Rome);
        • The Chinese medicine Chinese native medicine (is not doctor practicing western medicine's Chinese native medicine) is very sensitive, between the quantity and the quantity proportion is more sensitive, the extreme nervousness, the every bit of property, a flowered bean all may be a medicine;
        • Certainly here also includes question and so on trust and respect;
        • The similar truth, also should not voluntarily seek some red jujube water, the ganoderma lucidum water, healthy food and so on taking;
      • The Chinese medicine is not scientific, because has the Chinese medicine time, the modern science has not appeared. Therefore asks not to explain the Chinese medicine with the science;
        • The Chinese nation several millenniums come daily all the use Chinese medicine, how dare uncouth did the so Chinese medicine with from think the supreme science places on a par;
        • The two level too is far, moreover the theory connotation is completely dissimilar, says a word not together, therefore the Chinese medicine is and the doctor practicing western medicine is the complete two matters;
        • Also because of this, the doctor practicing western medicine lacks the commentary, explanation Chinese medicine ability;
      • Many doctors practicing western medicine although open the western medicine to the patient, but they itself actually is taking the Chinese native medicine, this hard thing to bring up deep value sympathy and pardon;
        • Their person of father's generation also uses the Chinese medicine, this is does not have to doubt, because the doctor practicing western medicine flows in China is only this short several dozens year matters after all;
        • Critical juncture, life and death correlation time they also use the Chinese medicine, like non- standard. By now any point of honor, the death threat similarly has not covered them, they had known this was any, should cope with with any, in the book has not all written! In trembles frightened and certainly looks them only to be able to seek help to the Chinese medicine! But this, was urgent, was undeniable, or "the expert" the meaning;
          • Doctor practicing western medicine's very many theories still at develop during the consummation, or is in tries to find out during the discussion;
          • The doctor practicing western medicine does not have the connotation, only has the blind attempt and the brave practice, they use to cope with the bacterium the method to rule the world, copes with the virus;
          • The doctor practicing western medicine did not have the future, the gene arrangement work already to complete, but brought any their initial expectation by no means for them (except research funds), only could be sighed: Any further research minute opened the analysis all already not to have any significance, because in the world goods composition was basic all was same (for example person and mouse's gene has about 80% is same);
          • In them thought the gene is when their outlet, they already surprisedly discovered that, The paddy rice gene total unexpectedly is human gene group gene number goal approximately two times, this broke the "life which in the public subconscious existed to be higher-level, base factor more" understanding erroneous zone! They love to talk about when is superior to the humanity gene group, may at least in the gene number lose to has supported the humanity the paddy rice;
        • In fact the doctor practicing western medicine already surrendered, a non- standard service, the chart poor dagger saw, the rights and wrongs, distinguishes right from wrong;
          • Said to the patient that, is the inertia thought and subconscious surviving question;
          • Said to the Chinese medicine that, is mission which the bounden responsibility and has heavy responsibilities;
          • In the science or has not taken the toxicant to be allowed in fact the longevity, or prolongs the life the truth, satisfies thirst by drinking poison but actually to hear;
      • Any time doctor practicing western medicine does not request to sign the life and death shape (request to accept treatment, signature giving up once lethal or cripples right after treatment which holds responsible), may provide they is extremely scientific and extremely correct serves, you only then believe them not late (actually already to have many people too late for regret);
        • This time it was extremely advanced and the extremely scientific view has a vacation, namely could you have one kind of any flavor, or was not the taste feeling;
          • If you buy a television, in the instruction booklet excellent writings, seller witticism like bead, when you finally decided must buy, the seller then wonderful put out a giving up compensation / not to hold responsible the declaration to want you to sign, and told you this only is a company's routine procedure (although inside all was like has damage, cannot receive, snow is efflorescent, stripe shape, silently and so on has nothing to do with with this company, this company did not have to be responsible thin like nanometer equal article);
          • Or likes some software, after has written a big pile of pompous adjective, again adds on a young Duan disclosure; Or every year promotes after when new edition all is is unprecedented certainly, each time issued when patch also is reaches the pinnacle;
          • Knowes whether to laugh or cry a word, could be appropriatelies in this use;
        • Because this itself is a behavior which shirks responsibility, one clearly officially informs produces the responsibility which / the enormous opportunity produces, they also clear bitter fruit, lets the ignorant patient swallow down;
        • Moreover let them be dumbfounded, dies all was sincerely convinced, has no alternative, because they (including policy-maker) have been informed / the misleading / induction, down to believed this for the only outlet, had no alternative, prosperous went against me along me to perish;
        • The wise side, does not admire already, but does not dare to approve;
      • Has experienced the non- standard such disaster, the people are very easy to be sentimental. The hypertension, the heart disease and so on lost the dignity innocent sickness certainly to have the reason to indulge to the sad recollection, but regarding these diabetes, the liver disease and so on certainly did not have the people which the time people, as well as these daily work resists the chemotherapy electrotherapy to say, the day also was finds it unbearable to recall;
        • English biggest drugs company president Glaxo Smith Kline vice- acknowledged that, the majority of prescriptions medicine is only effective to the minority patient. Although many medicines are invalid to the majority of patients already are the open secrets;
    2. Patient daily diet:
      • The suitable plain food, is easy to digest, to be rich in food of the nutrition, usually drink:
        • South: By pale green tea generation of water;
        • North: By pale black tea generation of water;
          • Avoids other drink as far as possible, like ethyl alcohol class, carbon acids;
      • Do not be plentiful strong, the ample food, wing Bao Hsiehhsia especially envies;
      • Not too Xin, Gansu, acid, painstakingly, salty and so on five senses, is light take the neutrality as suitable;
    3. The patient should maintain the rest which fully suffices, sufficient sleep;
      • Early morning is not suitable the movement, are most only may take a walk in the courtyard;
      • The multi- rests, lies down (person's to stand or time movement in lying down time resistance force ratio is strong), static lies well;
        • Any perspiration movement all does not suit the patient which goes see a doctor in the here;
        • Perspiration showing is pays, is excessive, is loses;
        • Although the life lies in the movement, but here also will have an opportunity the question (to recover from an illness later to be allowed, now is not good);
      • Little speaks, little watched or does not watch the television, namely sits in repose with eyes closed, reduces the consumption as far as possible;
        • The speech feels bad much, looks at the multi- wounds liver;
        • Will thank certainly nonessential treating with courtesy with the visitation, the politeness politely exchanges greetings later to say again;
          • Does opposite party forgive all does not have to pay attention to (opposite party to forgive explained he forgives you, opposite party does not forgive explained he does not forgive you);
          • Compare with the life and the health, these all are not worthy of mentioning, most is important is keeps the green hill in, lots of time for that;
      • Adjusts own body to the best healthy condition:
        • Adjustment good intention condition:
          • Also comes then settles it, maintenance psychology health. Individual will, relatives and friends' compassion, the effective soup side, is a fountainhead which is restored to health;
          • The patient does not have to understand the condition, does not have to take to heart. Safely place it, completely does not know well, in order to avoid has the psychological burden;
          • Surely cannot have the dread to the disease. The Chinese medicine said "fears was mad", namely fears can cause the person to be mad the line but not on, thus causes person's disease-resistant ability decrease.
          • Smiles can treat all the various illnesses: Smiles, joyfully smiles, happily smiles! If what has the price value the matter sentiment for to be assorted unhappy Italy to do?
        • Work and rest moderate:
          • Excessively but lastingly carries on some kind of work to be able to consume injuries "healthy tendency", affects the brain stem internal organs function, causes the disease-resistant ability to be low;
          • Too easy and comfortable then the vitality flows slowly, muscle physique active mass small, also can cause the internal organs function to reduce, the digestion ability is weaken, similarly also can cause the disease-resistant ability to be low. Therefore, both must prevent overtiredly, and must avoid excessively leisurely;
        • Fosters the good life health custom:
          • Smoking can injury the lung to be cloudy, consumes the lung gas. The white liquor can help the warm heat generation, the damage taste;
          • The diet suitable light and the rich nutrition, the hunger full suitable is moderate. The cusp of spring and summer, the climate dry, the diet suitable few food are pungent, the mutton and so on get angry the thing, avoids having the internal heat;
          • Crosses the hunger to overeat can damage the taste, will cause foundation of the day after tomorrow to come under the influence, will cause the disease-resistant ability to be low;
          • The suitable movement, prohibited plays cards all night. Plays cards all night, both is nerve-racking, and consumes the wound essence and blood, if again adds the smog to wind around, can enormously damage human body "healthy tendency", causes the person disease-resistant ability to drop;
        • Positive treatment: If is inferior to time the positive treatment, can cause the healthy tendency empty, the disease-resistant ability worse, the condition can be more serious;
          • The healthy tendency memory, the disease-resistant ability can strengthen, the body will be able soon to convalesce;
        • The spiritual will mood function (with guest develops lecture notes for phoenix pond in);
      • We opposed tells the truth the cancer patient. Dies in the cancer patient, 98% is is scared to death, remaining is truly dies of illness;
        • The spirit is the life genuine back, once demolishes a person from the spirit, then its life also distorted;
        • They are not die of the bodily function limit, but is dies in the spiritual collapse, dies is panic in the psychology and certainly looks;
        • In this world, certainly the boundary which the person locates, in very many situations, all is not the survival certainly the boundary, but is one spirit certainly the boundary; So long as you do not break down down in the spirit, outside all cannot strike you but actually;
        • The so-called sickness is authorized to knew that, actually is irresponsible, is only the modern human rights excessively high product;
      • The patient relatives and friends should pay attention item:
        • Maintains the open and bright mood, joyful smiling face;
        • Let the patient punctually just start in 3 minutes in the time interval to take medicine (common patient not to have so to request, but serious illness had so);
        • Any time all may not reveal not not happy, is weary of, was sick of behind that, or from sighs, moved, bursts into tears, contains bursts into tears (because patient static to lie in bed, psychology is even very sensitive, very keen, he may from any be slight exceptionally or performance learns truth);
        • Simultaneously must encourage and comfort the patient, lets him not be able to feel lonely not helps;
        • At the same time us hopes its relatives and friends few some scientific general knowledge, many cooperations, otherwise in the one side questioned, the suspicion, does not entertain any hope, discretely is optimistic... ... Its intense emotion, any advantage speaking of the patient, only can be is more of a hindrance than a help, affects the curative effect hindrance treatment;
          • Draws back step says, the doctors practicing western medicine all were in any case the giving up, why wasn't allowed to fight to win or die?
          • Since is no other alternative, why isn't allowed happily whole-heartedly?
          • Why also isn't allowed to set at the deathtrap but the young man? Or this is so-called repairs in order to;
      • The recreation, convalesces, recuperates, as the name suggests;
      • Gentle point of view!
    4. Truth all understood which based on everybody, our soup side has guards against the plagiarism and protects oneself the function;
      • Good intentions reminder: Every integrity scientific research, must have protects oneself the copyright function, but our research is complete;

        • Our argument or the basis are:
          • Cannot some people which must take be hypocritical to the soup side own;
          • Cannot some people refuse to balk for the petty profit;
        • Computer software may suppose the protection code and the time lock, we lock besides the protection code and the time, but also had the space to lock (namely had defined space and time), the numeric lock, the digital lock, the number technique lock, the mark locked... ... ;
          • Certainly, these merely are, general seeking medical help which does not prepare for the plan cannot receive affects;
          • Namely also governs his / her person of body by its person of road, theoretically has the direct ratio;
      • This Tang Fangchih supplies take to treat as the goal use;
        • Without our permission, any person must use in other behaviors or the goal, including trade, study and research (in order to avoid brings on oneself its shame);
      • Must use first time to receive, with edition dispensing which first time prints out;
        • Prints out (for example when printing with the printer mechanical breakdown, after may fix reprints, prints out take first integrity as), the hand do not copy;
          • By is brand-new has not used the white paper printing, may not use the recycling paper, or in in addition at the same time already has used the paper;
          • If paper when printing buckle, folds the wrinkle, should abandon does not use;
          • Did not suggest folds the soup side (is after all must depend on her);
        • May look at the monitor dispensing;
      • Do not comment the soup side, do not direct to Tang Fang, do not study or the long time carefully examines the soup side;
        • Two soup sides, sometimes looked resembles same, but actually is different, certainly may not gather in the same place suffering, or with clothing;
          • Except the politeness, saw with own eyes certainly is not suitable for really this, you may see the infrared or the ultraviolet ray (if does not use supporting facility);
          • Calculates its long and fine hair thousandth of a Yuan not not badly, inside and out, from beginning to end all same, but it has the order certainly not to be successively same, namely it prints out had the time difference, the most important space and time concept already is not also same (the ancient not to see at this time month, now month once illuminated the ancient)!
          • We once had the quite several years, looked like for the world all patients' each soup side semblance all was same (this probably is Chinese rhubarb doctor or fly picks leaf truth);
        • Sometimes a soup side, fries three cup of medicines, may be the different colors, even different flavor!
          • This time effect can extremely good, because takes the first day medicine, if is effective, second days naturally should have the change;
          • Simultaneously is decocting medicinal herbs, the patient, as well as relatives and friends' heart is honest to;
          • This is is antique, the plain plain Chinese medicine;
        • Also does not have the suffering medicine, even has not printed out the soup side, namely has the record which satisfaction the effect / convalesces;
          • In other words the respect soup side, the respect Chinese medicine, possibly can have the advantage;
          • With experimental or the suspicion mood, with is sincere the mood which or venerates, takes medicine the after effect not to be certainly same;
        • 5000 culture, very many things are the modern people did not understand, has not seen, has not listened, not to think (is not thinks naturally);
          • The world great scientists until now still did not understand any is the channels and collaterals, although this only is the Chinese medicine some foundation contents;
          • They already used up possess them to think extremely the advanced supporting facility has studied, was similar to them to use the pyramid roaming robot to study pyramid to be same, is self-evident (robot only to be able to see some to see, how saw);
          • The Chinese medicine which the modern age western-style (doctor practicing western medicine's way) educates (university graduation is expression is modern western-style education), calculated knows very many things compared to the above scientists, also has very many things is the school has not taught, but this is precisely the traditional culture essence is at;
        • Therefore needs to go to pharmacy dispensing time in some patients, we can request the patient not to make impertinent remarks, talk too much the talkative place dispensing;
          • Changes to one of sesame seed mung bean soup reasons is for this;
          • Handles the other people, is after all lets the person have the opportunity error in thought;
      • The soup side cannot retain (above dashed line part), including the transcription, the photographic printing, the transcription, the heart records, the electron, physics, or any other forms;
        • Has used the soup side, cannot retain and the recollection;
        • The use soup side, had not crossed the term of validity, also request do not preserve or takes;
          • Soup side checkstub: Refers to below the soup side dashed line the part, needs to retain waits for the subsequent visit use, simultaneously on this has takes the time and takes the temperature the instruction;
          • Needs new Tang Fangshih, is on-line may download as necessary;
          • Thought the photographic printing, may first try to look at whether or not the photographic printing bill, or facsimile bill;
        • The soup side cannot contrast (including around contrasts, contrasts with other people, with on-line contrast), matches, forwards to the other people again, allows the other people to take;
        • The electricity posts in prints Tang Fanghou, must delete it, including in mail trash can;
        • Must along the route tailor the soup side according to the request (for example in along the route above partial tailor, itself has involved retention soup side);
      • The error in thought namely can affect the curative effect, sincerely it!
    5. Treatment period, has the possibility appeared some similar before in the trouble place the symptom, the medicine to the sickness institute, efficacy of a drug was the result of, the curative effect was at the feeling, was normal, was curative effect manifesting, was the normal response, was the healthy response, also was we is arrogant and the characteristic;
      • 99% patient take the first soup side (on third) namely to be able to be effective, medicine to sickness institute! Even:
        • After 60% patient take medicine 1-20 minute effective (to have immediate recording);
        • 80% patient same day are effective;
      • 1% patient not necessarily can have the above response, felt or feels above efficacy of a drug, but certainly does not affect the treatment;
        • Because some patients own feeling sensitivity is lower;
        • Some conditions are more serious, not necessarily has the response which fully suffices, needs the time to save efficacy of a drug (likes cup of water, adds a spoon sugar not to suffice sweetly, needs to add more than 2 spoons);
        • Some diseases itself destroyed the feeling stress, destroyed the nerve, destroyed the conduction;
      • Patient's host sues, felt or west the hospital diagnosis, certainly not necessarily is the patient is main contradictory is at, we can according to us the diagnosis to decide the treatment successively the order, key or way. Anxiously governs its sign, slow governs its, the specimen concurrently governs, certainly not a fixed standard or formula;
        • If the liver cancer, swells block itself only is displays, is the result, is not the cause of disease is at; After the bile duct cancer surgery advanced age patient, possibly needs first to treat his / her kidney to pass through;
        • Strives for not necessarily is removes swells the block which the time does, goes to the ascites or stops pain, because of cancer cell's corrosion or proliferation possibly awfully, much less also has the well-established source;
          • Moreover did not discuss each example malignant disease discovered itself is misdiagnoses, is extremely bad misdiagnoses (although doctor practicing western medicine ever does not mention this to misdiagnose);
          • We not only need to process disease itself, processes because of the evil consequence which misdiagnoses brings, but also must deal with the poisonous side effect which the doctor practicing western medicine treats (although these itself fully may fatal poisonous side effect be permission);
          • Cancer itself certainly could not be fatal, is already failure which was fatal vital organs of the human body, filled the channels and collaterals with the stasis which blocked (also is said doctor facing cancer patient's time, treatment should not merely be cancer itself);
        • Heart disease patient oneself not necessarily has the too big feeling or the pain, the possible other like backache backache to be more uncomfortable, but said to doctor, the primary and secondary contradiction is different, because the backache backache is cannot awfully, the heart disease can at any time, any place unconsciously awfully;
      • If must explain is not three words two languages can talk clearly, the patient or his / her family member not necessarily can understand, has the possibility to affect doctor's judgement;
        • Simultaneously this already was the suspicion or questioned, lacked some sincere meaning, but trusts and the respect said in the traditional culture, is extremely important and should inherit;
        • Therefore was inferior to did not ask (shares with joyful mood with us is other matter, this is we loves);
        • We replied the patient lengthy tiredly states the standard answer is: Therefore only then needs to take medicine;
      • Theoretically we will not be able to diagnose on own initiative tell the patient, because we will hope the patient not any psychology burden, or subconsciousness, moreover will cure the later necessity not to also take to heart;
        • The patient knows the diagnosis, besides admires doctor to be wise certainly does not have any profit, instead can because of the intense subconsciousness but the heart its evil;
      • Simultaneously the traditional Chinese medicine technical expression, (how many channels and collaterals doesn't the doctor practicing western medicine until now also have the research to be clear area area on entire doctor practicing western medicine, tossed about including very many national correlation research department with embarrassed good several dozens years), because they used the shape to get down to study the shape but on (to have the expert to request the explanation, but your excellency was allowed understand what is heard? For instance Book of Changes);
        • Shape under: Visible or concrete, namely physics or phenomenon thing. Is opposite but on says to the shape. Book of Changes corollary on: "The shape but under says." The abbreviation is "under the shape";
        • Shape on: Outside ultra physique, namely ultra experience or main body thing, ultra matter, super or thing of the ultra phenomenon. Is opposite but under says to the shape. Book of Changes corollary on: "The shape but on says the road." The abbreviation is "in the shape";
          • Many west doctors give up the doctor practicing western medicine study the Chinese medicine, is because of this;
          • What a pity is also has many Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine researcher, Chinese medicine doctor the changing study doctor practicing western medicine;
      • The foods with Chinese medicines mixed in cure the side the mechanism -- Chinese medicine academic angle, is should the experts request post in here, they said wants to know (is not in any case secret);
        • The Chinese medicine vs universe energy, this is now in the world the state-of-art acme, until now involving are really few, including Einstein;
        • Like this said: Understood this principle, only then has the qualifications to instruct the Chinese medicine, otherwise little said for good, in order to avoid said wrong are many;
        • You merely are have a look then, does not have to understand, but this was the Chinese medicine principle, truly Chinese medicine principle;
    6. Some conditions may select the music treatment, food treatment instruction, convalesce the vacation, the geomancy select the dwelling or the room ornaments service;
      • Patient's disease sometimes if lives the house and the environment have the suitable relations, specially some malignant disease, inherits the disease, as well as spiritual aspect disease;
      • Traditional culture inheriting, lies in to its grasping, hereafter, will be the nimble utilization question;
    7. Please careful reading this article. You because will download or the use foods with Chinese medicines mixed in cure the side (to accept treatment), but will regard as has accepted this article all provisions;
      • Simultaneously has the duty for to bring honor to the Chinese medicine, free provides individual case of illness, the portrait and the right to name;
      • Any average per person has the duty to introduce the Chinese medicine to the patient, lets them have the opportunity more than 1 choices.
        • Specially the Chinese medicine beneficiary, hoped the once body same feeling will receive, transfers Cheng Kant'ung to experience personally, offers one's experiences as an example, considered for the other people, stands in patient's standpoint and the angle, will be the Chinese medicine popularization and the propaganda does a work, also calculated you some lucky shares.
      • The Chinese medicine is is cured compared to the west, the minimum Chinese medicine cannot give the toxicant patient to eat, cannot (white arsenic frost), let the fly keep on one misfortune after another the nose always to suffer bear's paws to be better than.
    8. The heart honesty, does not revere for the medicine, does not obey the doctor's advice, the light feeling of heaviness in the limbs wealth, the superstitious ghosts and gods, even slightly wants to help but not be able to.

A more further question may refer the question explanation.