Instructions on ς-energy Food and TCM Prescription

The utmost important points need your attention are: Validity date, Time to take soup (dosage), Temperature of the soup, and prepare the Tang Fang precisely.

  1. Prepare the Tang Fang (prescription) precisely; each printed copy of Tang Fang is for 3 days, one dosage per person per day. That is to prepare 3 similar sets of ingredients according to each Tang Fang.
  2. Decoct 1 dosage per day, fill with water at least 3 inches above ingredients
  3. Initially use strong fire to decoct then turn to use slow fire after boiling, decoct the soup till 1/3 of a rice bowl
  4. Taking the soup twice a day, no need to eat dregs (ingredients left over after decocting)
  5. Take the soup punctually, according to stated time schedule and temperature of the soup
  6. Medication Potency/Effectiveness Multiplier : following are multipliers of the soup medication potency/effectiveness, it is like turbocharger, it is the uniqueness of TCM, and the most valuable and distinguishing feature of Chinese culture :
  7. Discard used prescription or unused prescription that has exceeded the expiry date immediately; Discard the prescription by tearing it into pieces and throwing into trash can (to prevent others contact the discarded paper) or burn the prescription (beware of fire);;
  8. Under emergency situation where no time to decoct soup, just leave the printed prescription under the pillow or close to body.

Note :