Instructions on ς-energy Octa-array

Daily Open Region Table (“Day in sequence” - “Open region”)

User's Guide

How to use : The array is effective within 21 days (Effective Duration) after seal being broken or start to use. Please discard after that.

Beneficiary : Restricted to purchaser (or recipient) and their relative, strictly non-transferable.

Principles : China Yi-Jing principles, Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. The product may change form e.g. color, scent according to the change of universal energy field, if this happen, please discard the product immediately and purchase again.

Characteristic : The Ming Xuan response (e.g. dizziness, uncomfortable, comfortable) is a normal reaction. Should always keep calm and steady. This also means that the therapy has started and the body is being corrected.

Product's safety : no side effects, no overdose danger, suitable for all ages, may be kept within the reach of children.

Expiration date : 6 months upon day of received. Please discard immediately once expired.

Storage : Keep the product away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


Disposal : MUST discard the product including packaging (even unused) and this instruction sheet after the Effective Duration or Expiration Date;

Notes: This instruction sheet can be folded but not written (including the product). Refrain from cold drinks and cold bath during the therapeutic duration.