Spiritual will mood function
With the guest develops the lecture notes for the phoenix pond in


Li Kuangjen the stone is the tiger, the result can inject the arrow in the stone; Some gentleman mistakes the bow is a snake, causes the belly pain three days.

The Qing Dynasty during salty good harvest year, the Hangzhou Qiantang River bank has a rich person, the master open is popular, the middle-aged mourning wife, remains has a female, the year already come of age, when childhood takes responsibility by the parents betroths others. The nearly several months, young lady the diet does not think, disgusting vomits, the abdomen swells day after day. Asked several doctors to diagnose an illness, all said the "your daughter menopause several months, two arterieses and veinses skidded, was pregnancy the trillion," "congratulates" in abundance. After Zhang Hsing listens, pity indignant occurs simultaneously, scolds the daughter to bring disgrace on the family tradition, also pitied the daughter to destroy own. But the daughter hard work did not acknowledge the oneself behavior goes off course, only was does not cry aloud all day long already. This matter is noisy talk of the town, passes on to famous doctor Wang Meng Yinger in. He thought some fishy, then personally visit should examine;

Also some piece of story also occurs in the Qing Dynasty. Qian Long works as the position, the imperial concubine is deep the emperor to dote on, but along with Qian Long's loving another, she gradually is in in struggling for favor leewardly. She extremely wants to live one, recalls the status which loses. The Qian Long 41 years, her unexpectedly then wish, had "happy";

The above two piece of false pregnancy phenomena are create by the psychological factor. Miss Zhang because interest depressed, has affected the plant nervous system function, destroyed in vivo normal internal secretion environment, has specially disturbed under the cerebral ganglion -- pituitary gland to the ovary a series of releases factor and the sex hormone adjustment, has caused in vivo progestin advancing, causes the ovulation suppression, appears the menopause. Despondent may cause the appetite to drop, causes the stomach to wriggle reduces speed, the colon gasification but the abdomen puffiness, appears disgusting vomits, has a poor appetite, the lower abdomen sticks out the symptom which and so on similar is pregnant. The imperial concubine then as a result of fantasized follows the psychological suggestion function, causes to appear the similar pregnancy response a series of symptoms.

This is false pregnancy / the strongly fragrant card (doctor practicing western medicine also names Yu Pinghsing abdomen inflation syndrome, false pregnancy syndrome, imagination pregnancy, or transformation strongly fragrant sickness), getting sick are many for the marriage 2 - 4 year has not cherished the young married woman which is pregnant. They extremely hope to be pregnant, produces under the intense spiritual factor influence has a poor appetite, likes the sour food, is disgusting, vomits, the abdomen inflates, the breast increases and so on a series of to resemble early is pregnant the response symptom and the body so, sometimes also on own initiative has "fetal movement ". But after two months, the abdomen certainly has not continued to increase, the womb size is normal;

Once west some Hong Kong's retirement doctor told me: Her child (in doctor practicing western medicine eye cancer patient) the gentleman which one day rides to go home, alights when takes the wallet to pay money, the handbag has forgotten on the vehicle, the vehicle leaves only then discovered, thereupon boldly pursues gentleman, until throws down in the place, this time she and unconsciously any painful and ill (except falls wound place), mood spirited, forgot own to be delicate (even speaks in Kowloon, summit friend also could hear), had a more profound understanding to the spiritual strength.

Numerous, only is for explain the role which in the human disease the spirit, the will, the mood which act the role and plays, namely the spirit, the will, the mood are may the pathogenesis. Is very suspicious itself is an example because the anxiety pathogenesis is certainly good medical notes. The traditional Chinese medicine thought the human body is sick is is the result of by "external disease factors" and "the internal injury". "The internal injury" is refers to ", the anger, sorrow happy, thinks, is sad startled, perhaps," seven sentiments, when seven sentiments are uncoordinated, namely can fall ill.

This is the vicious circle, with the electronics or the acoustics terminology said is the regeneration; With the genetics or the gene terminology said has bumped into the closure password; With the computer procedure terminology said entered the infinite circulation, if could not jump, broke, was stops.

if "%COMPUTERNAME%"=="SUPER" Goto :Super_C
if "%COMPUTERNAME%"=="SNT01" Goto :Snt01_C
goto End

xCopy c:\Files\. D:\Files\ /E/F
goto End

xCopy c:\Files\. E:\Files\ /E/F


If inserts "Goto:Super_C" in the reciprocal second line is the infinite circulation (this is DOS year substitution, when gate work with portable computer, comes back when work with tabletop computer, needs backup, therefore uses an instruction two proper attention to both).

"Neuron" the periodical 2003-12-4 has published a memoir. The report stated, when a cartoon makes some person laughs, he (or she) in the cerebrum network participates in the masculine strengthening function the region to be able to receive stimulates. In fact, the sense of humor stimulates the region is precisely before this studies, was discovered receives peaceful must him to assign the spot which and cocaine stimulates.