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The Chinese medicine beauty gathers one, solves the human disease worry only method. Between universe never exhaustible the energy, with the landscape coexistence, the world with is long-lived, the livelihood same splendor, for ever and ever, the millennium by comes always is humanity's yearning for with the expectation. Therefore, we put up this place to lead to the health the bridge.

Security prescription is easy, effect Fang Nanch'iu! The patient goal is treats an illness, diagnoses is not a goal, to the patient said diagnoses the liver cancer lung cancer not to have any significance (although has economic value to the Western medicine), because this all is Zhuge Liang after the fact, simultaneously was yesterday Chrysanthemum! The correct method is prevents ahead of time and treats ahead of time, but was not when casts greatly wrong is already late only then now's your chance! The human life to is heavy, expensively to the daughter, a side aids it, Germany passes to this. Therefore we provide this service, will study carry out abundantly aids, natural food, natural health. May access the net the computer on as a hospital, solved the Chinese medicine to be difficult to study and the popular question. We lead the on-line hospital the common common people family, although is not the broken day uncultivated land, but also is earth-shaking, because this act at the same time can initiate a medicine revolution,Also let us remember Gorky "Song of the Petrel", in order to trillion is innocent with but by disease and doctor practicing western medicine, Dual suffering pitiful patient - -Let the storm wind and rain comes more violent!

Sees a doctor, is relaxed! Governs cures, is simple! Because is correct for the life itself very simple -- like fruit method between, but breathes, world person and then.

The on-line hospital processes the patient to count the goal limit is the series printing machine speed and the number, if each minute 105 pages, each hour then process 6,300 people, 12 series printing machine simultaneously use then each hour may process 75,600 people, namely may process 1.8144 million people every day! If what, suffices advanced? Has when the need also may add many several computers as necessary, merely then can increase the hospital through the purchase extra computer and series printing machine we the handling ability, the website server frequency width also is may add as necessary! This is the ancient Chinese medicine inside story, is the traditional culture modernization value, is the millennium traditional culture precipitation, is not Arabian Nights. The computer place has not been allowed to use the express way to send to the prescription. Most importantly this hospital not only has treats the disease the function, but also has the prevention disease the function (to govern has not gotten sick)! I can the sufficient resources (after people understand Chinese medicine gathers manpower physical resource) continues to study the discussion to propagate the China traditional culture, trains the medical outstanding talented person, thinks the Chinese people. This work significance and is great, causes the astronautics also to pale by comparison, although the astronautics gathered and has used the national resources.

When IBM super computer Blue Gene is published, the world "is all crazy for it". This section super computer operating speed is in front of IBM develops "the dark blue computer" 100 times, are the present world operating speed quickest computers, this computer will fold the topic in the protein in the explanation process the extremely vital role. The protein folds the question is "the 21st century biophysics" important topic, if can untie this strange profound and secret, will raise an epoch-making revolution in the medicine and the medical care domain (in the protein control human body all cells process, they will fold decide its function the highly complex three dimensional shape. In folds any spot change which in the process occurs, can "turn ideal protein some kind of disease the business agent"). IBM research and development department Vice-President Paulo. horne said that, "one day, you possibly can enter this kind of clinic: In the clinic does not have doctor, only some computer, it can suffice for you to inspect the body, discovers suffers your pathogen, then acts according to your unique gene structure to open most suits your formula." Only is the Chinese medicine by the brand-new standpoint and the different concept, now and provides the so leading service on the annotation! Later will treat an illness does not have to leave the gate again.

We also may through own high tech backstage support, in the countryside city establishment vending machine, provide the Chinese native medicine end product for have no way to access the net, or does not have the people which the time boils the medicine, becomes a low cost the Chinese medicine hospital. Also may develop the precious Chinese medicine science and technology superiority the world, the Chinese medicine hospital which the establishment spreads all over.

But the Western hospital present electron degree merely limits to the recording storage medical record, the printing prescription, the help delimits price with the charge, future also only will be able to limit to this, did not forget, they used are the toxicant! If 2005- 09-25 news Beijing carries out the electronic prescription big hospital to delimit price the charge Windows merge, center lifts the example, only was the time which received a medical examination reduced 27 minutes: "20 year-old Mr. Zhang because goes see a doctor the cold to x x hospital, opens in doctor in the electronic prescription, reporter saw in the prescription diagnoses a fence series printing" the upper respiratory tract infection ", medicine" a spore pulls decides the capsule ", back attaches the measurement and the usage, the right under angle hits has doctor the name and doctor's own handwriting signature. Soon after, Mr. Zhang directly takes the formula to paying fee place, did not need to like equally delimits price in the past, pay in full spent directly to the pharmacy recipe. Reporter has calculated the time for him: Registers 3 minutes, receives a medical examination 10 minutes, pays fee 5 minutes, the recipe 5 minutes. Outside except lines up, he received a medical examination has altogether used 23 minutes. Before the patient comes the hospital to complete these links at least to need 50 minute clocks."

These Western medicine directs to think arrogant "electron", we already complete in the DOS age. Moreover, spend for half hour to watch a cold, but also has not added on lines up and goes and returns the time, as well as expensive expense, also is unworthy proud or is arrogant. At the same time, the patient untold hardships obtain the curative effect certainly not firmly western medicine, itself has serious and firmly the poisonous side effect! This spot, Western doctor and the patients all have the mouth difficult word or are miserable beyond description. The Chinese medicine already by far walked in theirs front, they also in and misdiagnose for the disease diagnosis is tired out from the press is in an extremely difficult situation, the Chinese medicine already may pointed prevent the disease, the Chinese medicine does not need the end of hills and rivers to come to light only then knew the cancer the occurrence, may guard against mishap however has not nipped in the bud, ahead of time before cancer forming prevents and treats it, has certainly also contained other diseases. The Chinese medicine already crossed to the disease diagnosis pass, early already understood the use natural harmless matter treatment and the prevention disease, the patient only must simply follow according to the side uses for parts then, moreover the charges for medicine also only several cents money, own access the net the printing prescription also was snaps fingers as soon as to wield the matter, definitely does not need 1 minute

Our ancestors when ancient times, has Tang Fangk'o on the stele, lets needing voluntarily press the side to use for parts, looks for a steed with the aid of its picture, curative effect suddenly. In Internet today, we will inherit develop, the ancient traditional Chinese medicine modernization electron, will move to the Chinese medicine hospital on the Internet, with will get sick differently governs, treats different diseases with the same method, ices source Yu Shuier coldly to the water, pupil surpasses the teacher will win to blue, in addition the space and time factor strengthening curative effect, the convenient patient, will not need Fatigue of travel, will be direct on-line voluntarily downloads then. On-line Tang Fang is the ancient tablet Tang Fang continuation and development, faithfully has inherited the ancient Chinese medicine essence, displays incisively the Golden Mean. Takes this side not to have to diagnose, does not need observation, the old person young children are all appropriate, any person all may take, is suitable for any person, serves to the world. 99% patient take the first soup side (on third) namely to be able to be effective, medicine to sickness institute! Even after 60% patient take medicine 1-20 minute effective (to have immediate recording), 80% patient same day are effective.

We are inheriting the foundation has obtained the significant technological breakthrough, these technologies "shock" certainly majority medical worker. Our Chinese medicine prescription has the prevention treatment known and the unknown disease function , all has the curative effect to any disease, because uses is Gao Chieh principle of detailed balance (is not ignorant kills by poison), is Guang Pu and the omni-directional product, may the big area and large-scale launches the service. The Golden Mean, the doctrine of the mean, has balanced, has balanced the human body channels and collaterals, the vital organs of the human body friendly blood mind and body has balanced, the human body has been healthy on the nature, the resistivity enhanced, also naturally was allowed to prevent the protection known and the unknown disease! This, is the Chinese medicine characteristic.

Natural food and the natural --health can like you hope the sesame seed mung bean soup, the true traditional Chinese medicine, the standard China traditional culture, causes the beauty with the river chart Luo river book number and the space and time relations to gather one, was not kills by poison (typhus to discuss has contained number, but has not contained space and time), was another level civilization, certainly not the Western medicine could understand and persuade by reasoning, might not place on a par or the same date says. This Chinese medicine prescription is breaks a code to the ancient Book of Changes's annotation, everybody may easily the feeling and the experience, the feeling Chinese medicine artlessness plain and great, experiences Yi Hsueh simple not to be easy and the change. We use twenty years to carry on the recast work regarding this, had the epoch-making significance to the medical system -- to break through the Western medicine thought pattern, has propagated the ancient Chinese medicine, prevented and controlled outside the basic function through the simple inexpensive Chinese native medicine support many kinds of diseases, had makes one lean the goal innovation! This is the present any kind of medical service system does not have, is a completely independent Chinese medicine product, is worth the treasure which receives the best ritual agree to gaze, is the common people health dawn. The soup side composition uses extremely ordinary commonly used food (present law certainly not to think these foods are medicine), the medicine does not recover, makes the medium using the Internet, has easily to obtain, the suffering conveniently, the operation simple, safe highly effective, the compatible various countries' law and so on the fine characteristic, has solved certain countries to the Chinese medicine law and the limit question, has solved the problem which the money has not been able to see a doctor, the significance is extraordinary in the world medical service health history.

The parents in not far swim, only is in the real life are many with difficulty so. Loyalty and filial piety was difficult to be satisfactory to both sides since old times, very many people were unable serve to present nearby the body, the sub- desire raised did not kiss in the scene disappointed to lose the will. The world most cannot wait for the matter sentiment not too is filial piety the parents, also is in good health while the parents hurries to be filial piety, lets their health, lets them be joyful. Let the parents take the on-line soup side, the keeping in good health health care, prevents disease treats an illness, prolongs the life, also the filial piety, loyalty and filial piety two has not harmed from now on, even compares looks after by oneself fortunately. The overseas decoy, Yun the Yun scholar, goes off to study the another region, is unfamiliar with the people and the place, did not know where looks for the Chinese medicine, also may use this. When you will look back on in the future in the past, certainly will be able extremely not to rejoice and we "brushes past"!

Speaks of the Chinese medicine the principle, just like we can drive well, the necessity had not understood the motor car engine the principle, or understood boards rides also similarly may, Lian Hsueh drived all exempts; In the hotel room, can turn on the air conditioner the switch then, does not have to know this air conditioner the sign model or leaves the plant the year, much less some is the central air conditioning, see the air conditioner shadow in the room, but same nobody for this inquiry; Your excellency eats meal when uses is the rice bowl, what day He Ch'angho year what month of when who produces? Not also equally may eat to the full; That great modern scientist attracts the first air in him time, has had thought or has asked the breath principle? Definitely does not have, because some speeches are certainly exactly inadequate; The Chinese medicine may treat an illness, might as well first cures said again, at the appointed time like your excellency does not need for the life to rush about, may sit down slowly glances through the Chinese medicine the classical medicine, sufficiently wears down several lifetime the times (we to be allowed to provide Chinese medicine books table of contents for needing, or may voluntarily go to library consult), the foundation which because simple effective is easy behind Chinese medicine which uses to contain and oddity secret, is not in the short time may grasp for the major part person, is not three words two languages may explain white. Or leaves the lifelike portrait like painter three two on the drawing, whether your excellency did know he has paid several dozens years time for this? Therefore, frequently shouted says the truth, is how pale ignorant, not the politeness and is pitiful. If that in rides in front of gentleman requests the driver to say the engine the principle of work only then to board... ...

Some people thought this is be mysterious, treats the illness to save the patient can the knowledge, how to the perception be so generally broad. May understand that, Chinese culture itself was abstract and the system, the Chinese medicine also indeed is treats an illness with the bark stock, moreover the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures can affect the health and the organism resistivity or the immunity, simultaneously center the medical ten channels and collaterals solved the Western medicine to use the disease and the question which four Wan Toke the subject has not still straightened out; Our ancestors the fire clay knows the world with Jin Mushui, five lines of theories in fact far compared to the modern science molecular formula, the equation or the theorem law are also complete, at least according to us to know until now not yet changes, but the modern science besides mathematics, all scientific theorems law all and overthrows in the unceasing establishment bustles about; Outside the China traditional culture concept is it greatly does not have in, it slightly does not have, hundred lines of filial piety for first, if fries boils the Chinese native medicine point of view to be able to affect the curative effect (this far morning which comes compared to butterfly effect, moreover also already instructs clinically), or like in Buddhist studies bowl water has surely an infinite universe, is after all the level is different, the Chinese culture philosophy has contained the western philosophy, possibly is precisely because of feels but then passes. The Chinese medicine not only may be highly effective, moreover also may the medicine not recover!

No matter is the virus, the bacterium, mycoplasma, or the diabetes, the heart disease, the collagen disease, the epidemic (large-scale infectious disease), most essential and the effective control method is not sole "slaughters ", but is omni-directional "the protection ". Only has prevent infirmity in not take place before, can effectively guarantee the organism the security and the health. The prevention is most effective "waits at ease for an exhausted enemy " the method, otherwise only can be attends to one thing without losing track of another thing badly battered, the Chinese medicine not only can suffice to treat the disease, moreover also can suffice effectively to prevent the disease, this is the Chinese medicine can suffice to continue one of several millenniums reasons.

Uses the toxicant poisonous side effect along with the Western medicine appearing, its question appears day by day seriously. Above medicine examination minimum need century time!Also was said present the western medicine is not all mature, still waited for the examination! Because the medicine influence is very profound, may reach life-long and the later ages, much less toxicant and manual synthesis chemical! Very many chemicals because test environmental condition different, obtains conclusion also entirely different, if outside the human body experiment is non-toxic harmless effective, but has entered the human body is virulent harmful is invalid, even is causes cancer cripples lethally, the calamity extends several generations! Although the great scientists continuously are relying on this to make money.

The gene topic just appeared on the market, the scientists were ready to fight, jubilant, now likes by the frost is hit has resembled. Transformation gene produces which from the gene transformation crops, confirmed can transfer breeds the area wild plant, then creates one kind from not to see, can to resist the force weed killer "the super weed". The scientist originally thinks the gene transformation the rape with it "the distant relative" between the wild leaf mustard nearly not the impossible overlapping reproduction, however followed closely the hereafter actually also to confirm this kind of overlapping reproduction. Differently convenes the method with the before scientist which large-scale reporter can widely propagandize greatly for is, the scientific circles for two years can seriously affect the crops to this kind the discovery, continuously are actually stuffy do not speak. These discoveries to uses the gene science and technology to transform the crops is a serious attack, to other gene research applications also however. The government ore solemnly to us guaranteed this cannot occur, however, the truth is reappearing after is actually hidden.

American Johns - the Hopkins university's scientist "Natural Genetics" in the magazine reported in the newest issue that, They discovered many laboratories cultivation the human embryo does cell line can have the gene variation in the cell division later period! Human embryo stem cell cultivation time longer, cell division number of times more, thus in the fission process DNA (deacidizing ribonucleic acid (RNA)) duplicates the mistake which possibly appears to be more. They did to the American federation government approval cultivation 9 kind of human embryo cell line have conducted the research, discovered in fission dozens of from now on, 8 kind of embryos did cell line can appear above one kind in the human cancer cell the universal existence gene variation. At the beginning of 2005, the American University of California's scientists confirmed that, at present all human embryo did cell line has been polluted animal source culture medium in the raise and in the induction differentiation process, caused one kind of humanity the member which could not synthesize in the heredity to enter in the stem cell. Now, in 2005, also discovers the human embryo stem cell cultivation another malpractice. The scientist continuously thought may use this kind of cell to cultivate the human organ and to carry on the human body to transplant. But, this method of treatment is confirmed the existence question.

Craig Venter  is the world-famous gene expert, once studied the gene group stochastic arrangement method, has made the significant contribution to the gene research. In 2000, he has published the fruit fly nearly complete gene atlas. After a year, also has published the human gene atlas rough draft. He said that, Today, we have grasped the technology, can suffice to identify and to compile many species the gene atlases, but this with understood the human physiology structure completely is two matters. The bacterium gene structure quite is easy to understand and to identify, but the multi- cells fresh laws of nature is much more complex, looks like the humanity then to have million hundred million cells, wants the one by one understanding certainly to be sure easy matter. Approximately some three tenths cancers are because the gene will appear the day after tomorrow to change but, but we not impossible only to depend on the gene to estimate and the control life each step, will be completely grasps the individual cell the operation material, also will be insufficient to to forecast the health or the disease, much less the human body will have million hundred million cells?...... only depends on the development which the present science proceeds in an orderly way, is is impossible to reach to this goal. Just because we still grasped to own gene material not deeply, I thought the future during 20 years we all will not be supposed to carry on humanity's gene transformation project, because we have not simply had the ability to deal with this kind of technology.

Very many people all thought the present medical system and the system are very advanced, the pitiful people still too many hopes will repose on their body, they are persuaded by them to believe they.

The Western medicine courage and wisdom and they receive the science training, sufficiently lets them establish the innumerable suppositions and the theory, after announces with wishes fulfilled ten year or twenty years happily has the anti- AIDS the vaccine (own how to to say how to says, this guts or the courage and wisdom said, really is unprecedented, has forgotten before this the self-praise so-called scientist's rigorousness, but does not have to take any responsibility for it, likes the modern popular limited company to be same, may clap as necessary to leave, already stated was the limited liability, does not need any compunction or is restless. Simultaneously this is one kind of arbitrary, also is one kind of misleading! All arbitrary conclusions all appear too early, everybody should not lower one's guard for this with negligent in precaution, should not for sell candy gentleman's promise to bring harm to oneself and to others). The patients believe in firmly to the Western medicine science and the advanced advertisements propaganda, but in the matter reality the Western medicine harmful is useless to the human body health, does not have the scientific basis, is for sell its product but to public's threat, is the through pseudo-science and the commercial cheat, even is has complete disregard for human life. This with the Chinese tradition reputation or the prestige is completely two matters, also because of this, has decided the modern science (including the Western medicine) the limited depth, limited prospect, with limited effect. Why has "the Kyoto Protocol"? Taunts is this moves out oneself pounds when the oneself foot the stone itself also to be possible to bring the opportunity. "covers Asia's theory” to believe that, on Earth's biological energy adjustment environment maintains own health, if the coral and the seaweed, already evolved a set voluntarily to reduce the water temperature or to reduce the ultraviolet ray the biological mechanism to reduce the greenhouse effect. They when radiate faced with the high temperature or the strong ultraviolet ray, can release the dimethyl sulfur, forms in its place above sea level richly to contain the dimethyl sulfur the sea water, and is led by the wind the atmosphere, turns the aerosol suspended particulate matter, the steam is easy to gather forms the cloud on the particle, the promotion cloud formation, has the very tremendous influence to the area climate. Perhaps said the great scientist certainly is not on Earth's biology, but also does not compare the coral or the seaweed, therefore only then had the bionics, also only has the time which attends to one thing without losing track of another thing only then remembers the negligence or fear felt when thinking of something after the fact, is the question withstands this evil consequence by who. If we in mine coal and mining petroleum time whether or not has thought a deeper thing? And what is more massively excavates the coral to come the calcined lime, so that the artificial sea bed ecology disaster, the sea water rise sand beach changes smelly, billion years form the stable ecology on is removed by the intelligent humanity for the not worthy of mentioning lime the bottom to destroy all of a sudden, how ignorance and greedy! The idiom has stretches the facts, the proverb has chops the toe to evade the sand insect, the west has the young girl for to exempt the breast cancer in front of 18 years old on the double breast excision, the Western there medicine then there has the question to cut, or simply trades newly......, this is inherits.

As early as in 19th century, the Austrian scientists mendel then proposed that, decided the organism characteristic the gene pairs the existence in the cell, comes from male parent, comes from female parent, this then was at present still instructs each scientific research the heredity law. But, the American Purdue university's newest research runs counter to as if with it, they in the experiment discovered one kind of plant can suffice some heredity codes which rewrites the obeying the father (mother) place to inherit, but (mother) this DNA fragment (deoxyribonucleic acid) achieves the unification with the grandfather, these plant later ages or two DNA duplicate this have all carried on rewriting to the HOTHEAD gene, (mother) not the normal gene fragment rewrites the father with the ancestor parents' consistent normal fragment. This kind of plant rewrites the DNA fragment for the ancestor form situation frequent occurrence, similar "the gene backs up" appear like also appears on the person, this has broken the heredity law which the scientist continuously follows! ! Is said that, we continuously are all deceived by the scientists, although the scientists are the like this weakness. Likes some 200 ten thousand years ancient tree, is called the dinosaur time the live fossil --tile to force steps the cedar, once was dinosaur's food, the scientist in order to determine ancient tree the age, saw very simply saw up then, but this already will be the person condemned for all time! This tree experienced surely the year repeated difficulties to live down, actually as soon as is sawn by the science scientist does not saw! This is a scientist! Pitiful scientist.

Wrong Einstein restricted theory of relativity target speed of light constant law: Studies according to the England Cambridge University astronomy research institute expert, the speed of light meets on time slows down, if so, the restricted theory of relativity foundation namely has harms. They analyze from 143 photostars light, finally demonstrated, the survey atom unifies in together strength size "fine structural constant", since the universe big detonation, slowed down approximately 0.001 %, therefore, is closely linked with the fine structural constant the speed of light naturally is unable invariablely, so proved Einstein has harms. This team by no means direct measure speed of light, but is the light which the analysis remote "the quasi-stellar object" transmits; These quasi-stellar objects light consumes for ten hundred million years only then to arrive at the Earth, lets the scientist understand the universe initial period the basic law. The position huge "kyker" the telescope demonstrated in Hawaii that, certain wave lengths being possible only are absorbed change.

Since the scientists hundred years continuously thought the birds are stupid, namely "the stupid bird ", thought bird's cerebrum mainly is the basis ganglion, this region control simple cerebrum function and instinct behavior. But these two all are not in fact right, moreover the basis ganglion is not a simple region. In February, 2005"Natural Nerve Science Commentary" reported, Duke University nerve biologist (Airidge Jiaweici) leads a birds expert international group announced, birds' cerebrum and any mammal's cerebrum is same, is complex, is nimble, has creatively, in the related birds cerebrum anatomy textbook writes nearly all is wrong! Related bird's cerebral cortex with "intelligence " the majority view, needs to rewrite, has also must make the significant revision about the brain structure academic naming principle. Birds cerebrum Cheng Ts'utsu weaves undertakes and the cerebral cortex approaches the similar effect, this enables its not only to depend upon the instinct to survive, but also may remember the different scene, the academic society higher mammal's many kinds of skills. If the crow can lay aside three ten thousand grain of seeds, 6 months later again will retrieve, when its Tibet food if discovered other birds will watch in the one side, their a while has been able quietly to come back food rehides. Magpie when childhood had the comprehension faculty which fully suffices, knew an object hides in curtain back certainly did not explain this object already vanished.

The modern astronomy thought that, The galaxy formation is unceasingly fuses into a bigger galaxy by the small galaxy, but this theory has been broken, the astronomy circle needs reto know the galaxy the forming process. Has the astronomer to use the American outer space head office "Si pitzer" the infrared telescope and "Kazak suddenly" the outer space telescope, discovered is born to the universe forms the initial period the giant mature galaxy, this galaxy star forms as if in the galaxy. This galaxy forms the time, might trace to the universe age not to ten hundred million years ancient times time, only is the nowadays universe age 6%, the size actually had 130 hundred million year after year ages Milky Way's eight times. Now has 1,100 principles according to to urge the thorough research, is determined the first such galaxy starts the time in "the universe daybreak" which forms. But this, is the great scientist the matter which does.

Everybody should also be able clearly to remember 2000 millennium insect question, this also is the great scientist lacks the foresight to create (the recording year way to be supposed to be 4 figures, but the computer scientists have only used 2, creates the world range century crisis, had the unprecedented confusion, is panic loss which and estimates with difficulty! The so simple year question, also may suddenly appear the great scientist's great superficiality..., scientist's official duty is is engaged in the scientific research, the scientific research is moves towards the truth from the error the process, namely the science in walks to truth in front of process itself is wrong, all contemporary science all is mature by no means, the science thought today to, tomorrow often will be wrong! The like this science is worth following or yearning for? Front crosses river needs to have strategic the judgement, otherwise what comes the field to envy the horse racing (same horses, because exchanges competes enters the stage order, obtains result which converts failure into victory).

In the Western medicine cancer chemotherapy, the cancer cell can increase some protein the production, these protein mass energy will enter in the cell the medicine to transport, will cause the medicine to expire, this kind of antibiotic nature will be one of main barriers which the present Western world medicine cancer treats. South Carolina medical college bryan. Tours "Biochemistry Magazine" on reports in 2005-05-27 publication said that, one kind was previously considered only undertakes the structure function polymerization member hyaluric acid in the cell--, was initiates the cancer cell anti- medicine response the essential matter. The hyaluric acid can with its acceptor protein CD44 union, -3 stir up with the phosphoric acid phaseomannite together, urges the cancer cell increase production to be able to transport the medicine the cell the protein, thus causes the cancer cell to have the antibiotic nature. In cancer cell hyaluric acid quantity more, the antibiotic nature is stronger. So long as with oppresses the anti- matter to prevent the hyaluric acid and the CD44 acceptor protein union, can make the cancer cell to be more sensitive to the chemotherapy medicine, is helpful to the cancer chemotherapy. Before this the great scientists believed that, the hyaluric acid is in the cell one constitutive minute, it maintains in the organization the moisture content, and the maintenance organization cell elasticity, simultaneously also takes the extracellular matrix one kind of constitution "the frame ". Until now only then discovered it in process and so on inflammation, canceration and cancer cell antibiotic nature has the function. The pitiful before this patients, accept are only not the mature advanced plans! However, the most major problem has been the present plan is mature?

American president the biological ethics commission member, humanity bioengineering management plan person in charge France Si. Fushan indicated that, You must understand between the science application and the technical application has the very big difference, is not possesses the thing which can suffice in the science to realize to be able to turn the technology, and obtains widely applies. Cloned the person is a typical example --is very obvious, clones the person technology to let the human society the ethics, the morals as well as the law has encountered the unprecedented awkwardness and the confusion. Besides factor and so on ethics, some cultural taboos also will hinder the people in the future "to improve own footsteps ". The majority country all to progresses in the person the good medicine experiment to have all sorts of limits. Certainly, if does not have these limits, the medicine research development speed to be able to be quicker, but, such speech, our society can fall into the crisis.

Tadpole's tail has the nature reproductive property, if you a tadpole's tail break off, period of time you have been able to discover it unexpectedly long left a new tail, but the tadpole grew up after turns the frog on no longer to have this kind of reproductive property. This is because tadpole in turns in frog's process, the gene signal has also had the change. The Chinese medicine may urge this gene signal to restore, then causes this ability restoration. The humanity belongs to row of the animal which has the reproductive property, its itself also retained the regeneration ability, including the organ and the four limbs regeneration, is similar to the wound the regeneration to be same. Some one kind of bacterium belongs escapes bacterium sulfureum the family, this family's bacterium is very common in the fresh-water environment, moreover was contained by the human use elimination the sulfur the organic pollutant. It when external environment disadvantageous or nutrient insufficiency, escapes bacterium sulfureum may turn the spore condition, but the spore can suffice in Gao Wen, the strong radiation and so on in the adverse circumstance to survive, once the environment is advantageous may grow into the normal state the strain. If we can suffice through the Chinese medicine help to cause the humanity to change stronger and have the survivability, why then we not such do?

Our here only is offers a few ordinary introductory remarks so that others may offer their valuable ideas, the all over Chinese native medicine resources is the farmer medical service question only outlet, simultaneously tells the people the Chinese medicine is is unable with the Western medicine knowledge or the method understood and the understanding, the Western medicine is impossible to understand the sesame seed mung bean the function (although prescription is public)! Hoped the Chinese medicine and the people which is interested to the Chinese medicine, the numerous wills become the city, for the Chinese medicine, for the traditional culture, for ours descendant, inherits the Chinese medicine and lets the Chinese medicine survive in name only in our this generation. Starts from me, learns the Chinese medicine the foundation knowledge, grasps observation, namely sufficiently instructs clinically. Does not need corruptly greatly asks the ocean, to blindly worship foreign things, good Gao Wuyuan, does not need three big conventions, the stethoscope, the sphygmomanometer, the electrocardiogram, the supersonic wave, the radioactivity, the isotope, the fault scanning, the toxicant (the Western medicine is basic is with principle which kills by poison) and so on the shape but the under tool, in fact these very can make money the tool also does not have any medical value! Attractive center does not use, merely is the enhancement lacks the self-confidence confidence, if the present Western world medicine most advanced positron radial fault scanning (PET) installs only can discover 5 to 10 millimeters sizes tumors, can discover 3 millimeters below tumors the new installments then are hopeful in 2008 to be able to appear on the market (compare with the normal cell, the cancer cell can absorb more glucose. Using cancer cell's this characteristic, for is injected by the inspector joins the radioactive substance the glucose, whether there is judges the tumor through the monitor radioactive rays, this method is called PET). No matter 3 millimeters or 5 millimeter tumors, all were already form, already was the later period (namely 3 millimeters or 5 millimeter tumors already was later period)! Although 3 millimeters either 5 millimeter tumors are 300 millimeters or 500 millimeter tumors early times, but also is 50 step smiles hundred steps, depends on this, we also want three to think this science advancement, is whether mature and whether should use it. But the Chinese medicine observation, may discover less than a millimeter tumor, may not discover the formed tumor, even may ahead of time 30 years discovery! Now at last is the early time discovered that, now at last is begins work (this time to be allowed 100% to cure)! Treasures own traditional culture.

Cares for the aged the system and the social security question: According to the China census and the population research center forecast data display, front and rear 2030, the Chinese 60 year old of above old age population estimated will increase to four about the hundreds million, quite now European Union 15 countries population sum total. To 2050, China 60 year old of and 65 year old of above old age population total respectively achieved 450 million and 335 million, in this meaning every three people were having an old person, China already strides in old age social the threshold. In May, 2005, World Bank announcement future the pension balance of payment memoir pointed out about China that, according to the present system pattern (mainly is Western medicine medical expense expenditure), to 2075, the China basic old-age insurance revenue and expenditure will be short of $915 Thousand Trillion funds. How solves cares for the aged social security question and so on system is becoming a Chinese stern test, the development Chinese medicine melts the risk to become the national strategy high consideration question. This with when will challenge China's development, if China will be able to succeed overcomes the challenge to complete reforming, the entire world all will be able to obtain benefits from this prospect. So, the Chinese medicine shoulders the responsibility appears incomparably heavily.

Now people's custom is is sick first looked Western doctor, all spent the money or Western doctor gave up, only then came back looks at the Chinese medicine, this phenomenon shape paired doctor's many challenges. First, the Chinese medicine must let the patient understand any is is terminally ill, any also delays the condition, any is the prevention primarily, any also is begins work governs has not gotten sick, meanwhile must remind the patient present law to the Chinese medicine and the patient unfair, the patient is misled, finally suffered injury or the patient (to induce on picture has bought counterfeit goods or goods not to version, or smoking took drugs excessive drinking), including for this responsible people, the non- standard was model. And what is more, somewhat the critically ill patient which is given up by Western doctor, wants to request a Chinese medicine medicinal preparation medicine to have to bring back to life, otherwise is the inferior physician, this is a joke which we frequently meets, although the patient did not have the opportunity to smile in fact, we also feel bad for it. This situation is similar to modern people's being eager for quick success and immediate gain, some who are willing to go to the solid study or to recite the four books and five classics, in the market condition on common does not buy the degree and buys the test question (officials some people to deliver does not need to buy), in the reality work certainly does not need these only when the test must grasp knowledge, also some who in middle school university study the plane geometry three-dimensional geometry either the physiological biochemistry have used in the real life or needs to use? Now every one so thinks highly of English, except test when needs, also some who do need in the work? Including go abroad person! Whether the non- English-speaking country we don't need to go? This scenery cannot be long. Was time self-criticism modern education system and gives careful consideration the question which the tradition national culture inherited and develops, including traditional character.

We knew that, about the cerebrum the hemisphere carries on the thought by the different way, the left brain favors to uses the language abstract to carry on the thought, the right brain favors to felt the figure carries on the direct thought about, only has unifies, can have the most perfect creative thought. General "read-write calculated" the education way is uses the left half brain the mechanical memorizing, the figure thought aspect quite is bad. Indicated to the right brain research that, the figure thought accepts the quantity which the information stimulates is language 1,000 times, 1 month memorizes 1,000 words, or 5 minutes remember 100 words, these all do not calculate any miracle, so long as you can suffice skilled to utilize the figure thought, can develop the right brain. It is said German calls celler the person can suffice 24 volumes big encyclopedias to know by heart, his means are abstract the information transforms the fixed picture, and according to needs to carry on the classification grouping. Chinese figure writing namely inborn has this characteristic and the merit! From this time on may see our ancestor's wise foresight and be great (traditional culture to live simply fame and fortune and psychological balance also all directly has benign function to right brain development, otherwise is advantage wants to cloud the mind, is blinded by greed, money-mad capacity for clear thinking). Why this the traditional character simplified the truth which was instead more difficult to study, simultaneously also needed to pay attention the simplified character "the love " was does not have "the heart ", namely unintentionally the love, continuously for a long time hence......, certainly also includes other torn to pieces after was torn to pieces......

The Chinese medicine and the Western medicine are entirely different, including diagnosis, if AIDS CD4 is only one of Western medicine judgement resistivity targets, certainly incompletely/the integrity responded person's resistivity, its itself limits very much, or is not comprehensive, is said is unreliable or does not have the value, does not have to pay attention (including other inspections)! We in on clinical also frequently saw accepts AIDS person's CD4 which Western doctor treats slowly to rise, but simultaneously his/her the whole body condition also hurriedly is dropping, the most patients can not but give up continue to accept the treatment, because not good (has liked surgery was already successful, but person is exactly inadequate, because person whether does survive or cures closes the Western doctor's matter, Western doctor only is is responsible obediently operates, oh, in this question book has not written, I am sorry). The Chinese medicine is take the lung after with the large intestine after as a target. The Chinese medicine treats itself then enhances the human body the immunity, the Chinese medicine is the overall immunity. The Chinese medicine overall immunity category has contained Western medicine CD4, 5, 6..., the use Chinese medicine treatment, should use the Chinese medicine the viewpoint to observe, but did not suggest or should not use the Western medicine incomplete view review jian it; Was similar to the pulmonary tuberculosis calcification only to explain the past, did not express the present has any question. When person's ear because the strong noise has been injured when loses one's hearing, the Western medicine thought is the auditory nerve suffers injury, is irreversible; The Chinese medicine thought is the human body protects oneself the function to shield the ear function hibernation/shock it, namely the human body corresponding protects oneself the valve automatic shut-off, in order to avoid aggravates with the influence related other organs, the Chinese medicine treatment principle is reopens/opens it, the premise is knew this valve and opens the valve in there the password, namely that channels and collaterals do not pass or are not balanced. The Chinese medicine does not need the Western medicine the HIV examination, does not need the DNA arrangement, also does not need to wait for the data to come out, may prescribe medicine, has from becomes a body the diagnosis and the treatment system, is quickly reliable, please felt relieved. Including three big conventions, the electrocardiogram, X-ray, assistance inspection and so on CT / assists the administrative offices/assistance......, did not forget, this only was the as the name suggests "assistance". Since the near twenty years, the Western medicine auxiliary method has become the most important method, even became has sought money the method, hateful! In the true Chinese medicine of eye, should be only sick division of person and the non- patient, but does not have the hepatitis B patient and the AIDS patient's distinction (because this only is Western medicine nearly hundred years matter)! Otherwise was not the Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine as early as before millennium already was mature! Only if is the Chinese medicine which the Western medicine teaches, or the pastor teaches buddhist priest, because professor is certainly incomplete, quotes out of context, shed book at the end of chasing, even will be most important or has valuably discarded, apart millimeter great distance of the difference, namely was similar to in the animal purebred and non- purebred (hybrid) the division, not roentgen not kind.

The Chinese medicine and the doctor practicing western medicine most greatly respectively are the Chinese medicine may cure the disease (including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cold and all kinds of cancer sickness), the doctor practicing western medicine is coexists for ever and ever with Mr., accompanies as necessary in the royal entourage (also includes the heart disease, the hypertension, the diabetes and the cold, but does not include the cancer, because the cancer the survival time too is short in doctor practicing western medicine's hand, therefore the doctor practicing western medicine hates to the marrow of the bones to the cancer, Mr. does not see them to receive the cancer patient's money is with ten thousand receives for the unit, but the heart disease hypertension take care of your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves, may slowly receive, because this is an item has the stable repayment the good investment project, Guaranteed this pharmaceutical factory factory manager the grandsons all may sit idle and enjoy the fruits).

ς-energy fang and the sesame seed mung bean side very is all simple, but did not forget: Life itself is very simple, the breath is simpler! The person arrives the first matter which this world does is an inspiration tone, leaves when this world makes last the matter also exhales last the tone. An any time tone cannot come up or swallow not under this tone, is a life! Simple? Simple, but extremely is also numerous and diverse! So that the humanity until now still did not understand in this the reason, what is a life? Or what is the life? First the number of days and the latter number of days also are extremely simple, 12345678 only, preschool's children can read, but the question also is precisely because too is simple, the scientists all looked does not glance (because of them not understand, may I ask, did not ask does not understand), therefore has to talk irresponsibly, also did not have the scientific basis.

Although "the scientific basis", "the unscientific truth", "the scientific data", "has been unscientific", is that pale empty incapable and is ridiculously childish, but the foot has sufficed all to hinder the unscientific thing which the scientists seeks profit to banish to the lowest hell! Is authorized to the flavor is really good, may ride roughshod, vertically and horizontally unmatched in the world hand.

You have heard the star anise? You have used the star anise? You have eaten the star anise? Swiss medicament business roche group (Roche) the so-called disease-resistant poisonous medicine "Tamiflu " is becomes take the star anise as the raw material refinement:) Although the especially sensitive luck still waited for the experiment, certainly could not prevent the birds and beasts flu, moreover the H5N1 virus had the antibiotic nature regarding this (05-10-16). However, under specialized packing and propaganda, like "raw material short, when production is easy to explode, the drugs manufacture takes time the exceed year, other pharmaceutical factories must meet the production requirement and the scale need important contract two three years and so on ", the especially sensitive luck has become the present world "the resistance birds and beasts flu liberator ", the people stored up this medicine in abundance, in the trade already obtain the perfect success! The curative effect, your excellency takes care of oneself, the cargo leaves the gate generally not to exchange a purchase. This time, whether should thought the Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine theory and Chinese native medicine principle, although is completely different with the Western medicine, even lives far apart, the huge difference, the water and fire is not accommodating, but is at for the benefit, the Western medicine actually needs to use the Western medicine the theory instruction Chinese medicine, norm the Chinese medicine, castrates the Chinese medicine! Analyzes the Chinese native medicine with the western medicine principle the active principle, verifies the Chinese medicine with the Western medicine view the theory.

The Chinese medicine by the Western medicine study which pitifully which opens the modern traditional Chinese medicine college raises, already abandoned the medicine to save the medicine, degenerates into "uses the Chinese native medicine the Chinese medicine ", but non- tradition "Chinese medicine ". How many filled with warm-blooded Yun the Yun scholar, is ambitious the gentleman so to fall into error, for the west pharmaceutical factory works as the salesman has gone, although they originally thought or now still thought may be totally dedicated to one's country, rescues the sickness!

Chinese medicine actually very simple, the Golden Mean, the whole is balanced, not general rule pain. Enhanced person's resistivity, human body itself own naturally knew how resists the disease, resists the disease, then treats all the various illnesses, moreover non-toxic is harmless! The Chinese medicine is equal to the rear services unit, provides the military supplies and the support, is not substitutes for the human body the function or the function, oversteps authority and gets involved in another's affaris, proclaims the guest to seize the host. This law far easy to learn becomes reconciled compared to the Western medicine grasps, most importantly is wiser, does not have the poisonous side effect. Cannot kill the chicken to use the oxen knife, regains a city with a atomic bomb, destroys the entire city, although inside has many priceless things, including justice and human conscience. On the highway drives, does not have to pay attention to an export is far, does not have to know the east longitude/north latitude the number of degree, or several counterclockwise several right extensions, counterclockwise how many right extension how many; Pays attention looked the index plate then, has a look the scenery, is proceeding along the road, this is a method, allowed nature to take its course, had known could be suitable, along was walking, could evade, evades the important questions for the easy, evades the calamity to avoid disaster, this was natural, also was the easy method!

The Chinese culture is extremely simple, simply to unbelievable, even is dizzy! But, this was traditional and the standard Chinese culture, gentle simple several near primitive, did not have any to be pleasantly surprised or the surprise, however the life on in this primitive center birth lived.

The Chinese medicine is not is unscientific, but was the Chinese medicine has already gone far beyond the science, has surmounted the science, the Chinese medicine was in advance. Also is said Chinese medicine far in front of Western medicine, the Western medicine "dreads" to the Chinese medicine formidable science and technology, also urges them to attempt to study and to grasp the Chinese medicine, and despicably forestalls to register the related patent, only is they too understood the Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine was not their this level person may understand, the Chinese culture also was not they may clearness.

In the reality question, often discovered jumps over early, pays price smaller, but later, then pays the price is bigger. If quality question, if some quality question were discovered in the predesign, takes the measure to make the improvement the price is 1 US dollar speech, then was discovered in the product production stage, takes the correction measure to make the quality improvement the price is possibly 100 US dollars; If when leaves the plant the examination only then were discovered, by now took the measure the price to be going to spend to go to 10,000 US dollars; If is uses in the customer was discovered, even when customer use has had the quality accident, by now solved the question price possibly to have to amount to 100,000 even 1 million US dollars. The disease question also is so, if some disease in embryonic stage time was discovered, takes the preventive measure to carry on the treatment the price is 1 US dollar speech, then manifests suddenly the stage at the disease to discover, takes the remedial measure the price is possibly 100 US dollars; If was serious when the condition only then were discovered, by now took the remedial measure the price to be going to spend to go to 10,000 US dollars; If in being terminally ill time only then was discovered, even when critically ill only then was discovered the condition the gravity, solved the question price possibly to have by now to achieve to million US dollars, even was he all, including life. Before the Chinese medicine is and starts at the disease start starts to treat, the Chinese medicine superior quality may easily deal with these issues, to eliminate all possible questions in the embryonic stage, creates a new better healthy condition, the this time preventive treatment certainly is the most economical procedure, this was the people searches already the long prevention disease method.

The curative effect decides all, lets the curative effect speak, lets the curative effect decide, lets the curative effect choose, the curative effect and the fact are any is any, certainly also needs the history to examine. In all medicine system and the culture, the Chinese medicine has only experienced several millenniums tests, but continued to survive, still retained, simultaneously was has the system to have the system the knowledge, is in the present world the best medicine or only may effectively prevent and control all diseases the medicine, but was not the deceit or the psychological comfort, why good weren't such academic we allowed to inherit and to propagate. The Chinese medicine already passed the historical examination, the Western medicine had been hopeful, if according to the present situation, the like this curative effect, cannot stop the medicine the awkwardness, to virus's helpless and medicine serious poisonous side effect! Is indeed very difficult the time which endures the historical examination center to need, idle talk passed. We do not need the flashy but lacking substance expert theory, does not need the fatal toxicant hormone, only looked the fact and the effect, hold the mouse then. The patient good was the truth, the patient has been good is a science. Time the Chinese medicine is the time which certainly counter-attacks, the Chinese medicine has risen the date also is the Chinese culture rises, is light of luck of and patient the the world common people of. Outlook on life different, ideal different, the goal is different, the pursue boundary is not same. Obviously, this on-line hospital promotes not only to the Chinese medicine, will have the decisive influence to the entire medical system.

Although the Chinese medicine extremely has the prospect, but it faced with market stern challenge. The Western medicine has already obtained the certain success in the medical market, luckily its clumsy curative effect, the bad poisonous side effect, specially in the high end market application, for instance the prevention disease, ahead of time diagnoses, aspect and so on early treatment, or unusual is primitive and lacks, only was starts, even lacks like. Therefore center the medicine now enters this market not to calculate too late. Said from academic and the technical angle that, the Chinese medicine is other medical systems substitutions and the revolution, for instance present popular Western world medicine. But the Chinese medicine must withstand the negative influence which a history leaves behind. Because of the before education and the propaganda, as well as the Chinese medicine easy to learn at first but hard to master, caused some users not to entertain the hope to it. However, the Chinese medicine compares its competitor has many reveals the superiority. Once the people realized to the Western medicine in the diagnosis and the treatment aspect limitation, specially in viral treatment aspect helpless and malignant disease misdiagnosing, the Western medicine at present the control status which will occupy in the medical system no longer exists, the Western medicine the harm which will bring to the patient stop over will be after all cans hardly absolve and is unable to push shifts.

The health is we to you most sincere blessing. Can come this also is the reason share, we hoped you can obtain any in here or have profit. The Chinese medicine may relieve the urgent matter for you and be worth you trusting, has the outstanding preventing and controlling disease function. Idles is all right also may boil drinks, beneficial is harmless, the health is the first qualification after all. The Chinese medicine prevention and the treatment, safe is more reliable than the Western medicine vaccine, simultaneously does not have the viral variation or the antibiotic question, also cannot let these causes cancer and the fatal matter enters the human body again by way of the luxurious feasting.

The Chinese medicine preventing and controlling disease best choice, 64 million common people's gospels, world medical service system tomorrow, will prolong the life way that must be taken! Has chosen the Chinese medicine, meaning you have been stepping road of the health. The counter- uncut jade returns to original condition, the return nature, the treasure loves the life! The balanced heart condition, the improvement psychology, improve the quality, the reduced embezzlement, the reduced evil, the reduction is cruel, the reduced war, the world peace. The life only a time, the essential choice often also only has a time, only has the Chinese medicine to be allowed to let the healthy partner as you like life. The western medicine = toxicant is the well known matter, is far away the narcotics, resists certainly the narcotics!

In this age, the Western medicine to the human body health help nearly is zero, therefore the modern people extremely need the health, needs to prevent and to treat the disease, because they nearly are in the region which close runs its own course, everybody from the danger, are in in the Asian health, they urgently need the Chinese medicine, needs the non-toxic harmless natural health. With the Western medicine most greatly similarity is, the Chinese medicine can pick to any disease and the question launches an attack on own initiative the way, beforehand prevents, and blocks each kind of possibility the development and extends, but must afterwards passively responded.

This on-line hospital disease prevents and controls the effect and the research results, possibly is throughout history, the predecessor never has seen! The Chinese medicine soon rules the world, rises in the international scene, Chinese medicine popularity time coming soon, the patients and the government correlation department needs reto adapt and the design corresponding system. Convinces the people to accept the main information which the Chinese medicine certainly is not we attempts to transmit, we thought this is the natural matter. Chinese medicine preventing and controlling disease any difficulty, has not been difficult only is the people to the Chinese medicine understanding.

This is the war which differs so much as to be beyond comparison:

We believed that, should a matter which does for the world, is establishes to be allowed the security effective on-line hospital which serves for the world patient.

The diagnosis disease and treats the disease is completely two matters, several grain of sesame seeds and several grain of mung bean, itself very simple, but uses for to treat the disease, uses for to treat the numerous people's disease, just like 1+1=2 games, looked resembles simply, mysterious is actually infinite, it must be much more difficult than the proof Goldbach's conjecture. The area area several beans beans, several groups of commonplace numerals, have actually forgiven within the universe outside the space mathematics pattern, described the day and person's numeral can the field, expressed the health and the disease digital condition, responded the life and the destiny number technique information. Because of so, the Chinese medicine may carry on the treatment which the Western medicine is unable to complete, its curative effect and the speed are the Western medicine does not have understood and is unable to hope to attain or equal. We certainly did not count on the numerous people may understand it, because this should be the later matter.