The foods with Chinese medicines mixed in cure the side the mechanism


Li Shi Zhen was China ancient times the great medical scientist, started from 1552 to study all previous dynasties the Chinese book on Chinese medicine literature, went numerous makes up error, strove for perfection, the poor more than 30 years endeavor, has finally written "Native Chinese Plants" in 1578, the entire book total 1.9 million characters, 52 volumes, divided 12 62 kinds, altogether had 1,892 kind of medicines. Moreover also has 10000 prescription, passes in review after the related raw material for medicine, explains this medicine in the clinical on practical application. Summarized our country people in 16th century before pharmacy experience. Not only in detail reorganized the medicine which past various "Book on Chinese medicine" center recorded, moreover increased 300 many kinds of, collected in past Fang Chihsueh effectively to become the side, has used many folk recipes. Meanwhile has conducted the careful research to the massive medicines, elaborated the medicine cultivation, the medicament has concocted, the crude drugs appraisal, decocts medicinal herbs the notice and so on. Collection the Ming Dynasty before accomplishing of the all previous dynasties pharmacy achievement.

"Native Chinese Plants" the center valley, the fruit, the scale, the beast, the birds and beasts, lie between, the vegetable, Shui Buchun are food, also has food including remaining each in. Now in the Chinese medicine hospital pharmacy generally only has the grass, the wood, the insect, the inscription on stone tablet and bronze department, above similar position row this Chinese medicine pharmacopoeia food is used by no means in these Chinese medicine hospitals / inherits, although these foods all are the high-grade goods Chinese native medicines, non-toxic is harmless. Since Li Shi Zhen all speak cogently these foods to be allowed to treat an illness, these foods also all are the Chinese native medicines, aren't we why not, why allowed completely to inherit it.

Gives up a ready-made route, looks for the new diameter in addition, but is lifelike however from is also, is not the easy matter, is extremely difficult, this is a fact. However, only has the brand-new mentality to be able to bring the brand-new solution, because the present Chinese medicine already westernized, ossified, already changed beyond all recognition. The doctor practicing western medicine already took over and takes over control the Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine has lost own standpoint and the argument, has lost the former days glory. And lets the Chinese medicine modernization in the development Chinese medicine in the process, we unceasingly inquired about all displays in various aspects remarkably, may break through but how the Chinese medicine and should the Chinese medicine modernization be. After careful analysis, unremitting endeavor, accurate localization. We finally found the answer - - foods with Chinese medicines mixed in to cure the side. It not only will cause the Chinese medicine the reputation big quake, will lead the Chinese medicine a brand-new boundary.

Perhaps the people can question Doctor Wei Quan LONG develops the foods with Chinese medicines mixed in to cure the side treats the disease (including AIDS) the ability, but the suspicion did not forget, was Doctor Long cures the leukemia patient little elder brother in 12 years ago with the bark stock (not to need marrow to transplant), this was the leukemia patient which in the world the first example medicine cured, has approached the Chinese medicine belt the world, founded the Chinese medicine to treat the new era. Simultaneously also is he, easily obtained in the financial history to create the recording the astonishing repayment - - 3175.9% (medical easy homology)!

We use the sesame seed mung bean to treat an illness, whish the audiences seek favor by no means, only is wants to this to awaken the people to face up to the Chinese medicine and the understanding Chinese medicine, do not repeat ideas (because the present people are study Chinese medicine and understanding Chinese medicine with doctor practicing western medicine's method). Also is offers a few ordinary introductory remarks so that others may offer their valuable ideas, the encouragement person of same belief or convictions do not improperly belittle oneself, lets us devote together to the great Chinese medicine enterprise. Simultaneously also wants to tell you, the Chinese medicine connotation is extremely big, the doctor practicing western medicine / western medicine merchants are are unable to understand! We should not count on they understood, they to the channels and collaterals understanding are a card, such being the case, what but also counts on their? Is ambitious (people which person of same belief or convictions here figure of Chinese medicine and likes Chinese medicine to the Chinese medicine, but is not refers to Chinese medicine which doctor practicing western medicine teaches or people which thinks oneself infallible to Chinese medicine). Let the patient obtain the security and the effective treatment is the extremely urgent duty or the mission, the world common people is looking at us, they the suffering, are being obtained the good treatment, were very many the matter which should not appear all to appear.

The traditional traditional Chinese medicine most has the comprehensive nature, the continuity and the actual effect, but until now, truly excavates the treatment potential actually is only a small part, moreover is precisely because this kind excavates, causes its scientific core and the essence has the danger which discards. The reason lay in has confused the scientific standard and the scientific method. Produces by the western medicine in only is suitable doctor practicing western medicine's method reto appraise the traditional Chinese medicine - - Federal Republic of Germany Munich university Polk specially.

This kind specially "makes" food (Chinese medicine) prescription, because its number, the temperature and the time with correspond the universe space and time and the number technique study have the specific special relations, the identical prescription suffering comes out three cup of medicines soup regular meeting presents the different color and the smell, even fries good cup of medicine soup to separate two cup of depositing in order to two time takes time also has the similar situation occurrence. These medicine fluids have the storage information the function, it can leave behind some kind beneficially in the human body to the human body "the gene trace", and has the memory function, can drive the human body the health, easily treats the human body the disease.

"Brookings Report" is which "brookings association" (one of American main brain trusts) submits about the higher level civilization report, "brookings the association" scientists sends out in this report severely warned that, "although humanity's history contains the multitudinous different social life way, but the humanity knows for certain oneself in the universe the unique position, however, if one day when the humanity discovered in the universe also has the higher level civilization, then humanity's values, the belief and the behavior all will have the huge change. "

The Book of Changes is the higher level civilization, including Chinese medicine which henceforth grows. Do the modern scientists all make not clearly, how a higher level the channels and collaterals can understand? After all invisible for on, only sees the trees not to see the forest, bases to saw with own eyes is has with difficulty for solid understands first.

The plain Chinese medicine, completely does not have the poisonous side effect the foods with Chinese medicines mixed in to cure the side, just like "old times in front of Wang Hsieht'ang swallow", along with the people to the health correct understanding, along with doctor practicing western medicine's becoming worse and worse, was flying into common common people family "by quicker speed".