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Mentioned "the foods with Chinese medicines mixed in cure side", you possibly also very strange, but if mentioned is fashionable for a time "Wei Quan LONG traditional Chinese doctor" or the "world first example medicine cures the leukemia patient (little elder brother)", thought everybody could not be strange, the "foods with Chinese medicines mixed in cured side" actually are "Long Weich'uan the traditional Chinese doctor" newest product. Cures side "through the" foods with Chinese medicines mixed in we to be allowed to prevent and to treat all kinds of disease immediately including the malignant disease, in the surveillance and the protection organism all the system and the process which moves, when discovered unusual is systematic and the external attack can promptly participation recuperates the treatment and the defense, prevented the disease and the pathogenesis matter attack and extends, is sick treats an illness, not the sickness prevents disease, for human body health establishment reliable security defense line and safeguard.