The ancient traditional Chinese medicine lacks the scientific data?
Lacks the international approval the standard?
The history can confirm the Chinese medicine existence and the value, like several millenniums to come to be same after, specially vanishes in the doctor practicing western medicine


Has not known the bustling place, how says the bustling place? A good bystander has the profession which the courage and wisdom comments him completely not to know, or the discipline, this itself waits for the discussion.

This is they does not know the Chinese medicine, possibly also adds on little the few prejudices... ... This is accumulates must becomes is a typical example.

Actually, the Chinese medicine already in accounted for in the world 1/4 population to use long has reached several millenniums, its system integrity, system Yan Shen as well as the good curative effect, all were the Western medical skill can not hold a candle. The Chinese medicine already uses several millenniums things, the Western medical skill only then has now gone to the idea study, the research, the discovery, sought the tentative data, the certificate and the evidence! The very many things modern science all with difficulty explains (for example the pyramid question), but also only can explain the modern science is unable to explain, certainly cannot explain any. Or whether may understand like this: Others before several millenniums already the matter which completes, some people also are bewildered in there, touch own ears and cheeks... ...

Chinese medicine many contents, today modern scientific approach conclusion agree without prior consultationhappen to hold the same view after several millenniums, the Western medical skill theory more is to the deepened development, nearly more approaches the Chinese medicine certain theories:

Human's life is extremely short, if any matter all needed to understand the only then acknowledgement or used it, was not very easy, perhaps very weak matter. Or said we lovable scientists are being born, if in order to obtain the lungs expansion to absorb the first tone the scientific data, later only then will breathe, believed they all will be speechless, do not have the word to consider, because will have to die without doubt.

Or likes between captain and the sailor, captain's order sailor not necessarily understood, but acts accordingly / the execution then, the ship could go forward. If a sailor asked very many questions, why do approach left, why full sail, why... ... Specially the typhoon / hurricane / tornado approaches, captain can be called under him the cabin rest, not the time and he explained.

In fact, many national like Japan, South Korea, Germany's pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, is simply medical prescription handed down from ancient times brings the Chinese medicine the production to sell, not only profit high, the curative effect also high (present Chinese native medicine market basically seizes by Japan and South Korea, in 2000 global Chinese native medicine market resultant 185 hundred million US dollars, Japan and South Korea from Chinese input Chinese native medicine raw material, retreatment exportation, have monopolized 90% international market).

Then, why the classical Chinese medicine theory can have the that high standard? Down to after two millenniums medicine development not only not to its, moreover is also aware all must close up to it? Is ancient's world outlook and the methodology is wise? How many millenniums modern scientific conclusion since the ancient culture did have many agrees without prior consultationhappen to hold the same view after, what that also did explain? As ancient nation teaching other people, did not have the reason to pick the sesame seed to throw the watermelon.

This is a difference, also ten ten thousand 8,000 miles!

Some principles cannot pass along with the time change, like Chinese medicine penetrating judgment and curative effect.

Has more than 2,250 years historical Dujiang weirs, is located upstream the Chinese Yangtze River branch Minjiang River, take pilots, automatic accent Hong without the dam, discharge of silt, the irrigation enjoys a good reputation the whole world as the characteristic, has benefitted the irrigation area surely people, from this time on the Chengdu plain flood and drought from the person, does not know the famine, Shi Ch'eng"day government office". Sichuan therefore "land of abundance" fine reputation. Was now in the world only preserves, take pilots without the dam as the characteristic ancient times water conservation systems engineering. This ancient hydraulic engineering had more than 2,250 years history, by the global water conservation reputation is "in human water conservation history milestone".

A.D. previous 250 years, Sichuan's governor is the Suchuan county defends Li Pingwei to cause hydro energy of the Minjiang River for a long time stably to moisten the Chengdu plain, led the coast common people to repair Dujiang weirs. In order to guarantee its water conservation system experience long time does not fade, Dujiang weirs from fixes the date, has persisted strict "the annual repairs" system: Whenever the winter waterless season, in canal head dams the current the Minjiang River with the bamboo raft, by carries on the service to Dujiang weirs, to the next year spring, will tear down again the bamboo raft, "will turn on the water the" irrigation. The North Song Synasty, official officially Qingming Festival will decide as "to turn on the water festival", and hold grand sacrificial offering activity, both "will offer sacrifice to water" and "to offer sacrifice to Li Ping", also the desire day blesses the good harvest year also clear to reveal the current dynasty prosperous times.

The Li ice fathers and sons, with the so simple principle, have solved the water supply flood prevention problem, simultaneously century ten thousand th still were allowed to use, not only so, how maintained also has is clear about / the correct guidance. The modern scientist / experts also have what feelings?

Once at any time, the modern science representative, English generation of you already gradually were deviating a mole of law. Because the product renews the main goal enhances the efficiency, but in light of the present circumstances, alone depended upon infinite enhances the basic frequency already no longer to be able to realize this goal. Circuit design more and more small, caused the PC interior the radiation question more and more to be also difficult to solve, creates the cost to be more and more high. The "frequency enhances the benefit which brings, has been already counterbalanced by the hot question. The "technology forever is the driving force which the productive forces and the society develops is at. Dozens of years ago, when the semiconductor technology are also more is one kind of invention creation, innovates take the technology itself indeed can suffice as a central mole of law effectively to stimulate technical the progress and enterprise's development. For dozens of years, in under mole of law direction, English generation of your time and time again user frequency numeral achievement own hegemonic position, also took a higher position the "basic frequency is the quick" concept ingrained instills into for certainly the majority consumer. And even has well-known IT to write the hand to have the satire in the article to express "even links my two sirs all to say the P4 basic frequency was high has accessed the net can quick 1.".

This and is the doctor practicing western medicine how could similar, this this is possibly a history, is the heartless history, is the historical examination.

When Western medical skill (mainstream medical service) road ahead boundless, they naturally can close up to the Chinese medicine; The people use the Western medical skill, is only a custom question, was already not can change the Chinese medicine the question, but is any time transfers question; They now already were are utterly isolated, ten ambushes, eight Fang Shouti, cannot justify oneself, is at a loss to all sorts of diseases, certainly gets sick certainly sickness the reputation to fill the world, everywhere the sores, are filled with sufferers!

The below data also should be scientific (is they issues):

These are stems from the scientific data which in in politics and the finance considered? Or for public benefit scientific data?

The feudalism blindly believes in a word, the right and wrong appraisal until now not yet has the conclusion.

In in the feudal superstition three generations, the same surname should not marry, compares Darwin, his itself experiences the situation personally, experiences personally its evil! The feudalism blindly believed in whether compared to his knowledge higher somewhat, or if he understood or sooner believed the feudalism blindly believed in, could not receive its is tired.

The line does not change name sits does not change surname, China's ancestor and relative genealogy, well-established, itself is the genetics or the gene study model. Spring and Autumn Period although take a character as the appraisal, however all must several by the definite agreement.

How did the scientific defeat explain, if the satellite explodes, computer dying machine, the non- standard is rampant, also whether should rejoice?

The cold certainly does not need to eat any medicine, drinks many water, many rests then. Somewhat has a fever, some coughs are the good deeds, explained the organism has the response, is the human body resistivity manifests / the performance, because this is the human body protection function. But the doctor practicing western medicine stopped, forcefully stopped, did not give a thought to the result to stop, ignorantly and weakly stopped! This is the artificial disaster, huge disaster, how fearful and laughable, as well as is funny and helpless!

Doctor practicing western medicine courtyard itself has concentrated the massive patients, concentrated massively has sent the germ, including massively bears the medicine fungus, if the golden yellow staphylococcus, mutually infected, the overlapping infection, has become extremely evil and sends the person to the deathtrap infection source, like non- standard! Doctor practicing western medicine also realize this 1., therefore, lives at home the treatment - - to recommend by the modern medicine.

Since doctor is uses for to treat an illness, was sick cannot govern or more governs many, what wanted them to do? At the same time, as a result of the Western medical skill academic standard, the medical level reason, delays delays patient's condition, the incident of malpractice, the accident caused by negligence emerges one after another incessantly.

Too numerous to mention! Asked what returns has to be allowed to justify oneself?

Doctor practicing western medicine's direction and the way are "disaster defeat", its result gradually can reveal without doubt.

The present social system and the legal permission uses the Western medical skill the jobholders legitimately appears the incident of malpractice, the jobholders which the permission uses the Western medical skill legitimately makes a mistake, allows the government correlation department not to know therefore; But these matters so long as have 0.01% to appear on the Chinese medicine body, then is cannot understand, the pardon, or is forgiving. Similarly all is the medicine, only is each other circumstances is different.

In the reality, the Chinese medicine must observe the standard or the game rule which the doctor practicing western medicine settles.On joins after China instead dumps, namely China which WTO faces must observe the economical trade game rule which the western nation settles (instead to dump is many countries uses for to protect our country product and national industry sharp weapon).

25 years ago, I on doctor practicing western medicine institute pharmacology class time, professor warns us, a very universal stomach medicine, can to human body all systems, including nervous system, muscular system, osseous system, systema sanguineum, kinematic scheme, immunity system, digesting system and so on, have the extremely serious poisonous side effect! At that time surprising to behold, now then everywhere! I hope any, is not the hope obtains any. I am center doctor, simultaneously also is west doctor, that side victory and loss all does not have no connection to me, I only am hoped the patient may fairly obtain good some processing and the treatment which they earns, specially these better method already ready-made existed, also why careless and wasteful use of nature's products.

The Western medical skill research way has many problems:

  1. Completely lacks, the rigorous theory system, this for a while other for a while, must unceasingly revise;

  2. Lacks the elementary theory, saw any is any;

  3. Thought limitation in tactical level, too emphatically to microscopic, only sees the trees not to see the forest, attends to one thing without losing track of another thing;

  4. The modern great science and the technology are unceasingly awkward in the bitter experience;

2003 is the infectious disease a year which challenges to the humanity. Starts from the beginning of the year, "non- standard" has invaded more than 30 countries; Summer US erupted the Sydney wealth warm mystical monkey smallpox infectious disease; The Egyptian borah virus also once more appears in Africa. Statistics have indicated, the whole world has approximately 15 million people every year because of the infectious disease death.

Facing the infectious disease stern challenge, the various countries health official, the experts and the medical care personnel paid has been arduous diligently. Appears within for a year in "non- standard", the World Health Organization with country researcher and so on the China, US, Canada successively had determined "the non- standard" virus and its the invasion human body cell way, has determined this kind of virus's gene group sequence. This prevents and controls in the history at the infectious disease to be unprecedented. But, the infectious disease also brings many reconsidering to the people: The various countries urgently awaits perfectly to consummate the public health emergency mechanism, the medical service and the scientific research system, the modern people should fully know the role which which plays the life style does not wreak havoc to the infectious disease adds fuel to the flames, the modern medical service system is incompetent then is the key is at.

Some experts predicted that, along with economical globalization, person and person's exchange day by day close, the pathogen dissemination is also easier, the new infectious disease also can unceasingly appear, this indicated the humanity also will face road of at on the uniform infectious disease many is difficult.

Below arranges in order also is the news:

The sea navigation does not have the helmsman, unavoidably can some midnight near the deep pond feeling, you say?

At present, the return nature, green expense consciousness starting, causes the natural medicine unceasingly to promote in consumer mind status, the people place hopes in the natural medicine or the non- medicine treat solve the chemicals poisonous side effect, antibiotic as well as the medicine source disease question.

Moreover, to is going to enter old age social a twenty century to say that, safe, does not have the side effect, is effective, the adaption multiple Chinese native medicine preparation contracts the many kinds of diseases, specially many kinds of internal organs disease old age patient most ideal medicine. Because on their body any good has not cut, or already could not withstand each kind of toxicant.

The patient is not does not have the thought, the use Chinese native medicine treats an illness has the glorious history and the rich experience, has the sufficient natural medicine resources, so long as the social colleagues and various aspects cooperate fully, the Chinese native medicine will be able large-scale to seize the international market. We most importantly must retain own true colors, do not have to imitate others unsuccessfully, loses its therefore step.

Many people thought "Chinese medicine very unreliable", certainly, this "the unreliable" character in their eye is unreal meaning (is not wise meaning). These people have included the people which certainly the majority accepts the western education, even has included a our quite part Chinese medicine jobholders, down to researcher and administrative personnel. In fact the Chinese medicine is very unreliable, not wrong, the medical source to is easy, namely the Chinese medicine is produces from the Book of Changes, if not unreliable explained we have not learned, has not inherited, should examine and the thought from the bone. Surely did not have or modernized the Chinese medicine scientific style, otherwise was not the Chinese medicine! This "the unreliable" character is 5000 civilization is at, also is we proud is at. We have the so civilized culture, why isn't allowed to carry forward in predecessor's foundation, but is fickle. Inherits work which is we now must do.

The international approval standard, has exposed, also is only doctor practicing western medicine's standard, exactly said is west the pharmaceutical factory standard, namely effective quantity and lethal dose standard.

West doctor and center doctor's essence is different, we should not be mentioned in the same breath (people to be allowed to differentiate or to understand two different date, is when populace lucky / health):

The ancient traditional Chinese medicine actually already was in front of the modern science! Very many doctors practicing western medicine did not understand the thing, certainly did not express does not exist or is unreasonable.

This world needs the philosopher, but not too needs the scientist which these superficialities or thinks oneself infallible to manage, does not need them to make the decision-making, otherwise is the tragedy. The fact has proven this 1.. The scientists like seeing the defeat, has been used to it the defeat, does not mind the defeat, because they may approach successfully in the defeat, namely the defeat is mother of the success. The question is we do not like being defeated! The people do not like being defeated! The patient does not like being defeated! Because is defeated is the meaning death.

In 2003 US "Science" the magazine announced 03 year American 10 big science breakthroughs, among "dark energy" the science proves into this year most important science development. The scientist had proven "the dark energy" will be impels the mystical strength which the universe forever without limits will accelerate to expand (namely some kind of unclear strength to exist in universe, and will cause make universe resistance gravitation galaxy to leave by acceleration mutually phase-shift). The scientist now does not need to attempt again confirms the dark energy existence, but is the attempt discovers the dark energy by really to be composed, as well as it can tell us how many related universe birth and the evolution matter.

The dark energy concept proposed by Einstein in the beginning of 20th century, also is called "the negative attraction". "The dark energy" according to thought approaches the energy, but non- matter. The scientist believed that, is same with the dark matter, "the dark energy" constituted in the universe not an obviously part. Einstein proposed "dark energy" when own all do not believe its rationality, but the present scientist estimated, "the dark energy" possibly occupied the universe ingredient 2/3, to its understanding regarding the understanding time, the space, the matter and the energy had the key function ("the Wilkinson microwave different the telescope to analyze the universe microwave radiation background to the detector" and to determine the universe age and the composition. This research confirmation, the universe has 4% is only the ordinary day common ordinary matter, 23% is the cold dark matter which is composed by the unclear granule, the remaining approximately 73% piece are the dark energy).

In other words the modern science knew at best only is in the universe 4%, this 4% beside modern scientists not clear science also is any science, this is the people is pleased with oneself, smug was scientific! Actually this stands with the Chinese tradition in in north star's looked the question the worldview still was very different.

Chinese ancient times Chang E rushed the month, if modern scientists on Moon's, certainly has not been thought the feudalism blindly believed in deceived people thing, because they said do not understand truth. American "courage" has gone to after Mars with the "opportunity" Mars vehicle, on the Chinese the north star believed they did not dare to raise, otherwise the Chinese was the pioneer.

This "Science" the magazine has also selected other 9 scientific research breakthrough, item is: Proved the mouse embryo stem cell may evolve the spermatozoon and the ova. About this 1., the very long before Chinese medicine thought will be pregnant later also to be possible to change the embryo sex the viewpoint, was considered will be fantastic! Although in the animal kingdom action the deficiency, even the grown-up animal may automatically change the sex as necessary, but the at that time doctor practicing western medicine certainly is not so believed, they only are one-sided wish thought the ova had decided in the fertilization at that time the sex (this sufficiently explains doctor practicing western medicine or modern science modernized degree).

Outside the Chinese martial arts so-called "great distance takes number of people" before, is published in the modern scientist's ultra-long-range missile or the nuclear weapon equally is impervious. Every day looked the doctor practicing western medicine the person understands the doctor practicing western medicine? Not also illuminates eats the toxicant (western medicine is toxicant) according to is butchered by the person not by mistake; Why looked the Chinese medicine had to learn the Chinese medicine only then to look at the Chinese medicine? Your excellency really thought the traditional Chinese doctor is all right may do? Greatly was wants to help but not be able to.

Some people call self, did not understand or not the clear matter, he certainly does not do, also does not believe. This itself only can explain this person waits for the enhancement.

The modern doctor practicing western medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine compares, regardless of from the method, theoretically or in the curative effect all appears does not suffice maturely. In fact the Chinese medicine has the profound foundation and the vast market, although the present Chinese medicine is taught with doctor practicing western medicine's pattern, as well as the Chinese medicine essence or the essence have lost 7788, be not much left.

On February 11, 2003, the Guangdong Province health department confirmed in the province 6 cities discovered 305 "atypical pneumonia" document, causes 5 dead, completely all is dies of the breath failure, the dead age by is different 5 to 69 years old, the earliest document as early as discovered in last November to Foshan. Has not been able to determine the viral type, is possibly one kind of new virus. This shadow covers entire Guangdong, and spreads to far to Beijing's many provinces and cities, down to national other places:

In Chinese medicine status like this time, this is without doubt reminds the people fairly to face up to the Chinese medicine, and hoped the people henceforth can the objective justice reknow and the appraisal Chinese medicine. Is the time reknew the Chinese medicine. We henceforth may see the Chinese medicine the dawn and she exists value.

2003-05-23 first recognized the "atypical pneumonia the cause of disease for chlamydia the" scientist, the China prophylaxis control center virology chief researcher, Chinese project courtyard academician the great waves said to reporter, in own life comes across very many setbacks, takes the scientist, in the scientific research the bitter experience majority is the defeat, very little meets successfully. He extrapolated, he observes non- standard patient, after because arises the immunity to drop, initiated clothes original to continue sends the infection. At that time, through the electron microscope, has not seen the coronal virus, but separated chlamydia. He acknowledged the electron microscope the observation conclusion has the limitation, is "one-sided view". The media questioned that, the non- standard time, the medical research achievement will affect the clinical practice, so grave as to affect a human life, the risk will enlarge, whether the medical research will allow "to make a mistake"? Is not willing to disclose the name medical arena public figure tells reporter: Scientist's official duty is engaged in the scientific research, the scientific research is moves towards the truth from the error the process, but needs to be responsible for the public health decision-making. The scientific research does not have the limit, today thought to, tomorrow will possibly be wrong, will be supposed to the scientist more than 1 minute intolerance.

Whether may understand like this: The science in walks to truth in front of process itself is wrong, all contemporary science all is mature by no means, or stems from the sludge? The science thought today to, tomorrow will possibly be wrong! Like this science, people, but also is worth you following or yearning for?

What is worth mentioning, the Hong Kong some doctors practicing western medicine learn the association president to state that, "may penetrate the injection prevention flu vaccine to prevent the pneumonia, also may consider the injection prevention pneumonia chain coccus the vaccine, the old person, resided in the buildings public figure in particular and excises the spleen public figure to receive is injected... ... ". Talks irresponsibly, all did not know the cause of disease, what is the vaccine? Moreover the vaccine has greatly strengthened pointed, this may also, that also be allowed, actually that to be allowed? Needs the dot duck feathers or the white mouse wool liquor. Please note, this person for the specialized academic society's officials, is both the science and authority's public figure.

The doctor practicing western medicine in at present, as well as the obviously future, radically will be unable to resist the virus! It in antibacteria after, during hundred next year front has not still gone a step further, this also no wonder, they do not have this intelligence. The viral variety, all is has no alternative, only can be the promise: The new vaccine, the new medicine in steps up during the research! The pitiful patient only can be crazily crazily waited for (if still also in).

Center the doctor practicing western medicine to treats the disease the basic philosophy concept is completely different: The doctor practicing western medicine is kills by poison the nature, the antagonism, when the virus invades in patient's cell, doctor practicing western medicine's treatment can simultaneously kill the cell, namely so-called "with belongs to completely".

The Chinese medicine therapy is the overall immunity, enhances the patient body the resistance, enables it effectively to resist the virus, the resistance bacterium, resists the AIDS, resists SARS.

Some people thought the Chinese medicine lacks the scientific nature, copes with the illness in particular which like the SARS variety virus causes, but the Chinese medicine came in the past several millenniums for the Chinese general populace to treat the many kinds of illnesses, proved really had its feasibility. But the doctor practicing western medicine is a matter which several for hundred years only then has.

"Typhus Discussed" for 1600-1700 year, but until present, so long as side just right for the illness, was that sickness, was allowed to be highly effective (does not have to pay attention is any cancer, any AIDS, any SASA). Said since birth to the Chinese medicine that, can grasp "Typhus To discuss" is a good doctor, but "Typhus Discusses" said in the traditional Chinese medicine, only is a medium level discusses, popularizes easily to study the popularity, also is said also has high level.

Although generally thinks the Chinese native medicine property of a medicine not compared to the western medicine strongly, need comparatively long treatment time, but the Chinese native medicine can be able to take stopgap measures compared to the western medicine effects a permanent cure, also causes the side effect less (certainly we also may think Chinese native medicine toxicity is not stronger than western medicine). We already in light of this the spot have done appropriately (this were we are arrogant masterpiece to modern people's improvement for it which but feels too ashamed to be in public).

Front the doctor practicing western medicine greatly has been inferior to in recent years, has becomes worse and worse, exhausts the bag of clumsy tricks, becomes the history, becomes certainly sings the potential. The AIDS and the atypical pneumonia are at a loss the doctor practicing western medicine, is frightened by the slightest sound is a spot. The doctor practicing western medicine declined has happen to given the good opportunity which the Chinese medicine rose, because the doctor practicing western medicine prospect was gloomy, the doctor practicing western medicine strength did not create in all sorts of disadvantageous situations, the Chinese medicine will change in the healthy health care and the sanitation system unique experience and the knowledge quite importantly. We challenge the doctor practicing western medicine, not only must use the theory to speak, speaks with the technology, but also must use the curative effect to speak, speaks with the product as well as the market strength. In fact, we (including doctor practicing western medicine itself also) again are constructing the people to doctor practicing western medicine's view west, perhaps one day, you have found the hospital, in the market appear will be the Chinese medicine, but is not the doctor practicing western medicine.

We inherit our traditional culture, has nothing to do with with the doctor practicing western medicine / west science, also does not need them to acknowledge or the approval, is far from the question which any connects rails, because the basic elementary theory is not same. We study and study our traditional culture, is for inherits and carries forward our traditional culture well. The present Chinese medicine study method, is doctor practicing western medicine's study method, with is doctor practicing western medicine's teaching method, even thereupon doctor practicing western medicine's thought method and processing method. The Chinese medicine, by the doctor practicing western medicine was already taught, has very for a long time learned the very many doctors practicing western medicine's method! Passes an examination the Chinese medicine under the doctor practicing western medicine test and the instruction which grows, certainly is not the Chinese medicine, only is at best the doctor practicing western medicine acknowledged / under the permission Chinese medicine, already worships the foreigner, forgot own heritage despite study of it. We should soberly and clearly knew that, should carefully the ponder and the introspection, any be the Chinese medicine! Although jade of the Tashan may attack the stone, but cannot imitate others slavishly and lose one's own originality, cannot repeat ideas, the others said sells the antibiotic, we also look for the bupleurum chinenses salvia miltiorrhiza to sell, the others sold the Chinese native medicine to gain 300 hundred million US dollars, we also had to make vigorous efforts to catch up. West the medical chemical element and the active principle analysis western medicine, the Chinese medicine also uses the chemical element and the active principle gauge tube Chinese native medicine (gives the euphemistic name: International approval standard)! As if somewhat puts the cart before the horse.

Speaks Chinese compared to to speak English, the use more cerebrums spot (the London road passes 2003-7-1 electricity)

Said instead dumps, this has sighing of the equally good results from different methods with the Chinese medicine situation, instead will dump in very long period of time will be a very hot topic, the customs duty trade barrier reduction causes the national independent control trade the method to be more and more few, therefore some countries will start to use instead dump the lawsuit the method to protect our country the economic. One kind of product normal customs duty very low, but added on instead dumps the tax very to be high, this product will keep off outside the entrance to a country. According to the international finance newspaper reported that, at present take instead dumps the case to become the hindrance international trade development as the manifestation trade conflict the fundamental mode. Various countries on the one hand in through advancement square deal development economy, on the other hand also instead dumps in the use establishes the new trade barrier. Enters the world according to China to pledge, China faced with 15 years non- market economy country treatment, therefore the WTO member side authority is authorized to denies the Chinese exportation enterprise economic system is operates under the market economy system. China's enterprise and exports the product when to face the import side member instead dumps the lawsuit actually is at one kind of extremely unfair gentle disadvantageous position. Namely the Chinese medicine and China's enterprise and exports the product with to be at one kind of extremely unfair gentle disadvantageous position in fact in the present.

The Chinese not spare a glances to the oneself extremely valuable Chinese medicine, but devotes the doctor practicing western medicine which initiates itself not yet to consummate, to be full of loopholes, as well as justifies oneself with difficulty, and hopes to seek an impossibility, hopes the doctor practicing western medicine to be allowed to acknowledge, the sympathy or gives the small place to stick an awl, looked the person complexion, lives under subjugation, depends on others, and gives the euphemistic name of "and the world connects rails", this itself also is a joke. The Chinese medicine present status question, also is to in fact people's hardship issue of concern, believed in the obviously future, the proper authorities will be able to face up to and to solve this question. Is certainly unfair because of the present hygienic management overhead construction to the Chinese medicine, is certainly unfair to populace's health.

Makes foreign things serve China, to make the past serve the present, we will have to restore the Chinese medicine the eternity fine reputation, the Chinese medicine are the Chinese medicine, will not need doctor practicing western medicine's agreeing with the approval.

Now, represented the world medical service advanced level already is doctor practicing western medicine's double spiral CT machine or the nuclear magnetic resonance scanner, but had in 5000 the history the Chinese medicine, natural food and green health! We have the reason to believe that, the Chinese medicine may bring the health for the humanity, brings happily for the world!

The doctor practicing western medicine is so prosperous, with western person's habit related, a matter no matter cannot understand, the western person can pat chest No Problem (not question); The Oriental then humbly said may try. This is the East and West culture difference and the distinction, also is the Chinese medicine at present one of status reasons. Actually Oriental's breastbone and the western person's breastbone all is same (minimum doctor practicing western medicine anatomy textbook all is such writes), the western person can / dare to pat the chest, the Oriental also can / dare to pat the chest.

Uses for to diagnose X can only cause to suffer from contracts the cancer the dangerous rise!

We chat the big cancer of the intestines (colon cancer), this is a cancer which the modern people most often suffers from. Initiates the big cancer of the intestines the factor is complex, except the diet factor, the life style like does not eat little moves, factor and so on spiritual pressure, environment quality, also can mutually "report on accomplishments", initiates the big cancer of the intestines. The symptom including the excrement belt blood, the excrement changes the scrap, the body weight drops, the constipation, the diarrhea and so on. The doctor practicing western medicine believed, if has these symptoms, should let make the colon mirror inspection as soon as possible. The question is this time has been late! The discovery is sick when often already belonged to the last stage stage (doctor practicing western medicine's procedure was lets the people understand guarded against the cancer from voluntarily to examine starts. You discover west, only then tells afterwards yours discovery doctor).

So-called dives the blood, refers to the blood which the naked eye sees. If the excrement dives the blood examination result is masculine, estimated the trouble colon cancer the probability is 5 to 18%, but mostly belongs to the initial period. This time, the doctor practicing western medicine can let the patient accept the colon mirror inspection, learned causes the excrement to dive the blood cause of disease, this possibly is the hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), the colon inflammation, the polyp or the initial period cancer of the intestines.

The excrement dives the blood masculine gender, discovered the excrement belt blood, with the colon mirror inspection masculine gender, is a very close same concept, already did not have no initial period later period the distinction, all was same, several days with were early late several days. The excrement dives the blood masculine gender is the cancer of the intestines initial period, is only the relative excrement belt blood, says with the colon mirror inspection masculine gender. This time already has formed, the cancer already grew into, already was the later period! Only is when fills in the cause of death facilitates some, was allowed several god knows, not to send ahead of time to the cause of death is unclear, dies had all not known was how dies, in an extremely difficult situation. May send the patient family member, lets them be dumbfounded.

The colon cancer patient may frequently examine the excrement to dive the blood (although discovered when already was later period), but other cancers how, how also examines? This only can explain the doctor practicing western medicine is imperfect or the unqualified medical way, the major part disease all none who does not so. Has the conscience colleagues, whether or not thought.

Twenty eight years ago once taught us the doctor practicing western medicine diagnostics a renowned internal medicine department professor, was goes to the country went to the toilet when the open country discovered the excrement belt blood, faints from fear has suffered from contracts the cancer of the intestines, very quickly then left us to go. Such diagnostics waits for as if the discussion.

Doctor practicing western medicine's every this all sorts let we firmer suggestion patient change the Chinese medicine, the use Chinese medicine, otherwise uses the doctor practicing western medicine to like is playing a Russia roulette, he can do only has prayed this is an expiration bullet, is a dud.

"New York Times" a technical column author pogue writes in his column that, a woman seeks purchases 60 inches plasma televisions (Plasma TV) the opinion to him, when he knew when in her family's sofa and the television distance only has 8 feet, the good words urges her the such near distance to 60 inches televisions opportunities wound look, also is unable in the vision to achieve watches the big firefly curtain movie effect. But this woman or persisted must buy, because she blindly believed in this is at present the most fashion product.

The Federal Republic of Germany Munich University's famous Chinese medicine expert Polk stating Chinese medicine is "alone standard science", he said the "tradition the traditional Chinese medicine most has the comprehensive nature, the continuity and the actual effect, but until now, truly excavates the treatment potential actually is only a small part, moreover is precisely because this kind excavates, causes its scientific core and the essence has the danger which discards. The reason lay in has confused the scientific standard and the scientific method. Produces by the western medicine in only is suitable doctor practicing western medicine's method reto appraise the traditional Chinese medicine, this is unreasonable, inevitably causes the defeat, this kind attempts equally to observe the star in the daytime, in non- moonlight dark night observation dark cloud. The respect and the application traditional Chinese medicine method confirmed and applies in this science the reasonable material, certainly returns to the ancient times, but was the basic logic necessity needs. "

If must be splendid, we greatly it may be said the Chinese medicine the standard is the universe standard, in fact Yi Li contains the cosmic inventory.

Perhaps may say the doctor practicing western medicine present the standard also can catch up with the Chinese medicine at best 5000 ago the standard, namely doctor practicing western medicine after technology and theory rise and fall to Chinese medicine 5000. The doctor practicing western medicine plagiarizes the Chinese medicine the theory and the achievement everywhere obviously.

In brief, cannot govern science itself which got sick not to be unscientific, could treat an illness unscientific itself was a science.