These Tang Fang whether or not does for goes to work race's health care drink?


May, our soup side have the automatic homing function, may automatically recuperate the human body the channels and collaterals internal organs, causes it all to be at the optimum condition every time. May automatically detect each person's disease to be at, automatically in view of each person's condition, is sick treats an illness, not the sickness prevents disease. Simultaneously has preventive and the treatment two kind of functions.

In society most common question: The spirit is intense, the stomach (recuperates by balanced principle, everybody may drink, has matter or does not have matter all to be allowed casually to drink).

Stays up late to work overtime, or looked at the same night the sports match, the very easy deficiency-fire rise (symptom and so on tooth pain, headache, long dark boils to be easy to follow on somebody's heels), daytime goes to school goes to work the spirit to be bad, our Tang Fangi is allay fever falls the fire the effective prescription.

Feeling a little body ill, also has not fallen ill, only is thought in vivo a little "steam", besides drinks water, the supplement sleep, most is convenient takes our soup side, guarantees oneself can by the best state of mind work.

Regarding already had the slight cold symptom, the anger more prosperous (has hypertension, usually anger quite is big), had subsides wind in the liver, the clear liver clear vision, alleviated fever the disintoxicating function. 

Quite is weak, the easy diarrhea regarding the stomach, both cannot injury the taste, and has alleviates fever the Run lung, is good for the spleen the Run lung function.

Lacks the sleep, goes to work does not have the spirit, except the dependence coffee, Tang Fangyeh may act as stimulates the drink, induces saliva and slake thirst, stimulates awakes the brain, may it when the tea hot brewed tea or soup uses, even uses it to substitute the coffee to stimulate.

Simultaneously may cause to drink customer's sleep quality to enhance, is the bidirectional adjustment effective prescription.

Actually we also may use the vending machine the form to sell our product, lets the high speed highly effective ancient Chinese native medicine, enters the common common people family, enables the people to buy our product in the streets and lanes.

Since has liked the millennium the cool tea shop to be same, until now still thrives abundantly, this was other modern drinks, cannot be compared including the tea and the carbonic acid drinks.