What does the Chinese medicine doctor practicing western medicine diagnose the principle the distinction is?


The Chinese medicine and doctor practicing western medicine's diagnosis is different, cannot the same date say, has to compare or whose diagnosis to be actually correct, looked the curative effect or looks at the survival rate then.

Certainly, the doctor practicing western medicine therefore the limitation and is one-sided, by no means west mistake of the doctor, but is the entire doctor practicing western medicine system question, most fatal place was has neglected macroscopic, but went to extremes the flowered time to microscopically... ...

The cancer and the non- standard cause doctor practicing western medicine's vulnerability to be completely unmasked, even more demonstrates doctor practicing western medicine's collapsing at the first blow.

Only is, these work Chinese medicine in several millenniums before already completed, and continues to use until now.

In 2003 the international sports world covers in the death dark clouds, most shocks without doubt is in 2003 June in the federation cup soccer game semi-final the Cameroon ball game star luck sudden death, pays attention to the athlete healthy question to raise once more the agenda. In addition in at the beginning of 2003 Paris - Dakar automobile rally 48 year-old French rider branch Uygur, Paris to the Nice match bicycle match in harsha gram Stan great soldier base Uygur rafe, the Costa-Rica long-distance race veteran general Ahl farrow, Canadian most renowned horse-riding female contestant amy. Dan outstanding Si and so on also is in 2003 in the international sports world long athlete accidental death name list ghost. Such misdiagnosing, everywhere!

Expert's definition is "is skilled in some kind of knowledge or the technical person", what world health Mr. doesn't see the expert or what doctor practicing western medicine's expert does gather round the non- standard to run around in circles, what expert is this also? Theoretically do not brag the expert at least, could not govern cannot guard against is not the expert, or like seized the fish expert.

Such many patients are delayed the diagnosis, has not been able promptly to discover and the effective treatment, dies a violent death, cherishes hatred the netherworld, also deserves what crime, who should be responsible? Or like the non- standard, light tires the people and squanders resources, heavy brings disaster on the nation and the people, really tired world common people! This 1., the doctor practicing western medicine really cans hardly absolve.

[ Road passes the London 2004-01-31 electricity ] to diagnose with X can only enhance suffers from contracts the cancer the risk to reach as high as 3%! Namely had 3% cancer death case of illness is the doctor practicing western medicine diagnoses with X light creates (US in 1981 to have 0.5% cancer death case of illness is diagnosis creates with X light, now rise is 0.9%).

The fault scanning increase contracts the cancer risk, a CT scanning receives the radioactive radiation, receives the radiation quantity with the Japanese Hiroshima and the Nagasaki nuclear detonation survivor to be similar!

Seeks advice of an ignorant person, borrows deafly listens to (to ask the way to the blind person, the analogy seeks for advice to the ignorant person. Borrows the deaf person's ear to listen, the analogy strives for to have gained nothing inhuman). Some patients accept the Chinese medicine treatment, actually uses doctor practicing western medicine's diagnosis to observe the curative effect, this itself is not correct, because doctor practicing western medicine's diagnosis until now still was not mature, liked doctor practicing western medicine's treatment to be not maturely same. Simultaneously in the logic has the error and the contradiction, since the doctor practicing western medicine is unable to treat, you counted on the doctor practicing western medicine may diagnose, or you believe doctor practicing western medicine's diagnosis (although very many people all so mistake, including traditional Chinese doctor down to Chinese medicine doctor, Chinese medicine professor)! In fact, the doctor practicing western medicine had the means to diagnose cannot have the such many terminal cancer, the cancer meant misdiagnosed, the cancer = later period (namely later period had been only then discovered, moreover very were many is patient discovers).

I ride in Hong Kong when gentleman once has tried an interesting experience: When I tell the driver to go to where, simultaneously tells him the along the way avenue street name after, he asked my whether or not belt guides, I look him, has nothing to say in reply (if patient asks to doctor to examine, doctor actually requests patient to teach).