A person discovered suffers from contracts after the cancer, should accept the Chinese medicine or doctor practicing western medicine's treatment?


How choice should make? Looks at the doctor practicing western medicine? Or looks at the Chinese medicine? The answer is: Looks at the Chinese medicine as soon as possible! Employs two methods to achieve one goal most at least, the Chinese medicine doctor practicing western medicine simultaneously looked (because sometimes in social or family member's pressure is may understand, although is the good intention makes the misdemeanor; Meanwhile from this non- standard, we has the reason which fully suffices to suspect doctor practicing western medicine's credibility).

The patient cannot walk slowly and aimlessly the measured steps in the crucial moment, only has races against time accepts the Chinese medicine the treatment, to only struggles the from morning until evening spirit, the unprecedented courage only then may have the opportunity to rush out a way out.

The cancer is difficult to govern? The AIDS is difficult to govern? The doctor practicing western medicine said:) When you turn head have a look the non- standard, namely can understand that, or is suddenly enlighted, is such simple. The doctor practicing western medicine does not understand or does not understand, also does not want to let the person understand or the understanding, simultaneously for the face, simply sentencing for certainly sickness or the death penalty, and what is more for the century certainly sickness, in the picture the sentiment bureau understood makes the superspy for the enemy opposite party, gains the supplementary budget to allocate funds, in order to avoid casts aside when no longer needed, trusted aides are eliminated after they have outlived their usefulness. A hand obstructs in any case the day, nobody questions its credibility, although its own unceasingly change in front of oneself under decision, but slightly does not have a spot feeling sorry. Some 1. "this matter who comes to be able as if to be wrong, I am only".

Previous non- standard time, the doctor practicing western medicine is in an extremely difficult situation, is utterly isolated, fearfully lasts out the day, the former days spoke with absorbing interest duplicate no longer save! Has the entirely different curative effect and the result with the Chinese medicine and with doctor practicing western medicine's treatment. The non- standard after, the large dose long time hormone side effect / consequence lets escaping accident or disaster by sheer luck be fed up the suffering (to be similar to chemotherapy radiotherapy suffering)! Now, although the non- standard not again comes, why but do we want to wait for gains without pains, sit waiting for death? What wasn't allowed some crises to realize, regards as the right and wrong standard to have to come, thus earnestly examined the present doctor practicing western medicine system, the reason regards doctor practicing western medicine's diagnosis pattern? Eats a moat, long wisdom, how many moats have the people eaten?

Non- standard period, there is no place not in the temperature measuring set, proliferates the nearly all harbors wharf airport, as well as various entering and / or leaving country port, the doctor practicing western medicine has the original story to let the proper authorities believe like this may prevent the non- standard, perhaps in helpless dodges one of higher authority's ways, in order to avoid receives the accusation and escapes the crime, the doctor practicing western medicine has succeeded, the non- standard has passed, a doctor practicing western medicine has not subjected to a penalty for this (only is pitiful many administrations leads scapegoat). Conceivable near future, the people can come this unprecedented certainly after joke on and on road, because this is an reprint which buries head in the sand. Wanted initially, suddenly to say was the contagion, suddenly also said was the aerial infection, also was unprecedented.

Thinks of danger in peace, the question has been we really occupies settles? The innumerable cancers patient struggles in death on-line, they have not been able to obtain the treatment which they needs; The innumerable Asian healthy crowd is in a precarious state, they simply did not know also has provides for a rainy day, has not gotten sick the truth which first governs! Why isn't allowed the reason to analyze doctor practicing western medicine's words and deeds, repeats ideas, deceives oneself and others, why has such many certainly sickness, why has such many incurable diseases? The patients really are like this are unfortunate? The Chinese medicine gets up / date of the revival time, is the people escapes from abyss of misery! The at that time, certainly sickness will become certainly makes a sound! Because of the Chinese medicine specialty to the prevention disease, lets the disease ends in front of the seed, but is not lets slip a golden opportunity, delays the time, to is terminally ill only then is thrown into confusion!

Simultaneously the Chinese medicine also specialty to prolongs the life (this regarding doctor practicing western medicine to say only is Arabian Nights), but this is the Chinese medicine heavy responsibility! Is we should shoulder, is we this and the inherent responsibilities.

Listens to after the guqin, unconsciously modern song depth.

Many matters always will arrive afterwards only then look clearly, when, this time already was unable retrieved the road.

Nobody does the matter, forever all cannot have the precedent. Does the Chinese medicine patient have to wait patiently the doctor practicing western medicine to produce the definite answer or to agree?