The Chinese medicine is deceives people, the Chinese native medicine advertisement is illegal?


  1. Some people said that, The Chinese medicine is deceives people, the doctor practicing western medicine is scientific; The Chinese native medicine advertisement is illegal, the western medicine advertisement is legitimate. This still modern people's general knowledge, or at least the legal document, the government official, all was says like this with "man of insight".

  2. Some people said that, Since the modern medicine (several hundred years) to the cancer classification has been extremely detailed, some cancers also are the nearly several years are only then known. Over a thousand years ago because certainly did not have the doctor practicing western medicine at that time, in addition the condition limit, several near was primitive, the people contrast to the cancer concept and the present can have the huge difference. How many hundred years ago how use the Chinese native medicine to treat the modern classification that detailed cancer?

  3. In publication "this therapy specially is suitable for not the easy surgery, the radiotherapy, after patient" which the chemotherapy or recurs, "not to be able the treatment to take in the advertisement in the regular hospital the medicine to be allowed to cause the patient after to use the medicine several days the symptom obviously to alleviate, counts the treatment course cancer gradually to wither, vanishes", "lets the terminal cancer patient step onto work post";

  4. Some units conduct any happy to meet or any similar activity, each time population all in theatrically reduction;

  5. What the regular hospital and does the regular registration limited company also have is different? Merely is looks with any coat;

  6. Or likes the doctor practicing western medicine to the atypical pneumonia ignorance, frightened, with processing way. The modern doctor practicing western medicine radically incapable contends with the atypical pneumonia, the doctor practicing western medicine only can be waited for its nature vanishes (attaches correlation news abstract):

The Chinese medicine main superiority lies in its curative effect. The present medical system market is a competition not full market, the doctor practicing western medicine is monopoly. Eradicates the monopoly is one of biggest significances which the Chinese medicine rises. The Chinese medicine existence significance not only limits to the medical industry, the Chinese medicine also represents one new production method, one kind of new productive forces, indicated the science and technology may use must to monopolize the monopoly the way development.

The divergent interest group stands in own standpoint, either praises to the Chinese medicine or censures, this is undisputable. These for several dozens years many enterprises' benefit source to doctor practicing western medicine, thus stands in the Chinese medicine opposite, the publication all is the single opinion. Regarding certain authoritative organizations reports, first need to look is a doctor practicing western medicine strategy part, as well as whether involves the fact which the doctor practicing western medicine subsidizes.

The Chinese government while favours the doctor practicing western medicine certainly not to give up to the Chinese medicine support. This kind of aspect is advantageous. Only has when the Chinese medicine market share achieved a definite value, this time competition is quite full. Said from the medical system market that, the Chinese medicine most major function lies in, it is breaks the monopoly the powerful weapon. We knew that, "Counter- Monopoly Law" has stipulated two ways: Market and non- market two kinds. The Chinese medicine acts as is the market weapon.

Sends the country regarding Chinese this kind of doctor practicing western medicine medical service system market after to say that, must develop the medical system market definitely to have the opportunity, but if develops under the monopoly premise, definitely does not work. The Chinese medicine may regard as is the medical system market breach. Doctor practicing western medicine's monopoly causes the entire medical system market to be under the control of others, the Chinese medicine is at the passive condition. Said from this angle that, the Chinese medicine rises can suffice without a doubt to impel the entire medical system market development.