MingXuan Reactions do signal the potency and healing effect of our medicine, show the results of the treatment, curative effect of the therapy, normal sensation, healthy response and a symptom of improvement.


When you have the MingXuan reactions, the right attitude is: take things as they come, let it be and bear the reactions calmly without excessive expectations.

Any response that occurs after going through our TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment is normal reaction (including subsequent reactions), it is the fundamental difference that distinguishes TCM from Western medicine.

In terms of medicinal guides only, which work in guiding the property of a medicine to reach the meridians and internal organs where pathologic changes occur, TCM leads Western medicine by as many as five thousand years. Judging from this fact, we know that Western medicine cannot compare with TCM, not to mention numerous profound TCM ideas. For instance, TCM advocates the philosophy of "nipping in the bud";, which means guarding against the bidding of any disease or stopping any illness at its nascent stage. This is the greatest medical concept, enough to defeat Western medicine.

MingXuan reactions are the very evidence for the efficacy of our treatment! The recovery of Qi (a basic TCM concept, synonymous with "vital energy";) is the sign of effectiveness! This is what we are proud of and where our features lie. When our medicine arrives at the root cause of a disease, the patient will surely feel uncomfortable or even painful, something like "it is the darkest before dawn";.

According to an ancient Chinese book Shang Shu' Yue Ming (Part I), "If no MingXuan reactions occurs after the medicine is taken, then the root of disease is not eliminated and the disease is not cured";. The reactions incurred after medicine administration are also known as "reverse reaction";, "adjustment reaction";, "healthy reaction";, "immune reaction"; or "MingXuan reaction";. All those responses are the effects of promoting human body's self-healing ability, cell regeneration of internal organs and activating the transmission mechanism of meridians. Such reactions are inevitable metabolism necessary for radical cure.

According to TCM, "reverse reaction"; is the very evidence for an effective prescription, and by nature it is an appropriate and active response, but not a warning response. It shows the efficacy of prescription or treatment in stimulating the patient's natural healing ability, it helps a patient to recuperate and promote cell metabolism to sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

There is a popular TCM notion that "you are not recovering if no MingXuan reaction appears";. "MingXuan reaction"; is not a side effect but a natural phenomenon that comes up during effective conditioning for human body organs. It shows the fight of body potential energy (vital Qi) against pathogenic factors with the aid of medicine, and the patient will eventually turn for the better. Just like flood protection method employed by Da Yu (an ancient Chinese expert in flood control), MingXuan reaction is a good physiological phenomenon that pathogenic factors and toxins are being channeled off and removed from human body. But if pathogenic factors and/or toxins are not completely removed, the disease or illness will come back someday, although the disease symptoms already seem to be suppressed and the patient already appears to get better. It is something like "if weeds are cut without their roots dug up, they will grow again".

During therapy, some symptoms similar to previous ones but not exactly the same or those which have never been experienced, may appear in the affected parts. Moreover, the intensity of reactions may be automatically adjusted according to individual tolerance and such treatment is quite humane, highly bio-intelligent and bio-automatic. If necessary, the reactions may automatically stop or weaken (e.g. if you are to meet an important guest, a running nose will automatically stop; if you are driving a car, pains in your hands and feet will automatically decrease to a tolerable extent), so the reactions vary from people to people. ------There is no need to worry, for your health will improve after you get over those reactions. As a rule, former symptoms may appear more serious in therapy. For example, if you have rhinallergosis, you may sneeze and snivel more after treatment; and formerly latent problems or symptoms tend to aggravate and make you even more uncomfortable, such as asthma, gout or qualm.

There are some people who might worry whether their conditions will worsen. Of course not, unlike western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine never affects normal tissue and aggravates patient conditions. In fact, it helps control the state of an illness and cures the patient. Chinese medicine will automatically classify and search for the root cause of disease, and in accordance with the severity of illness, it will control the root cause first for light illness, and control the symptoms first for serious illness, with appropriate attention to both root causes and symptoms. The whole process is automatic and programmed without aggravating patients' conditions or affecting patients' somatic function and internal organs.

Keeping a right attitude is essential! Don't complain or make a fuss and do keep calm. If you curve and fold a rubber hose, water will not pass through, water pressure in one part will increase, the hose will swell, and the folded part will be forced to spread out again if the water pressure reaches a certain degree, and then the whole pressure in the hose will return to normal after the water passes through the folded part. As people fall ill, the meridian and collateral will be blocked just like a folded water hose. Our body will defend such disease naturally by trying to open the blocked meridian and collateral, so patients may feel pain, uncomfortable, or catch a fever. If your immune system can't defeat the disease, external assistance is required and TCM is there to help you. If the blocked meridian and collateral is clear, patients will recover from disease and the pain and discomfort will just disappear.

It is not adverse reaction, or side effect! Never compare it to side effect of Western medicine (If you can't bear such uncomfortable feelings, diseases will not be expelled out, and your chance of recuperation will be slimmer).

Such feelings indicate that the therapy is right for the disease and begins to take effect. Chinese medicine works in a similar way as "recovery of qi"; in acupuncture (During acupuncture, if the patient gets the sense of needle or qi, it shows that the therapy is effective). When the medicine is right for the symptom and disease, it will come to the affected part and work to treat the symptoms. By then, the recovery is not far away. This is the ultimate level of traditional Chinese medicine and where we take pride.

The momentary feelings are indeed somewhat uncomfortable. But if such uncomfortable feelings can bring us thorough recovery, it will be worthy. Pupation must be bitter, but a butterfly will be attractive and can fly and dance in the sky after exuviation.

TCM therapy usually appears in a wavelike form (similar to three-dimensional spiral type; it seems like repetition, but it is not merely repetition), emphasizing on the harmony between man and nature. In case of light illness, one "wave"; (one run) will control patients' conditions, otherwise several waves and impulsions are necessary. It is not difficult to find there are interspaces and wave troughs between wave crests, the width and depth depending on individual capability and adaptive faculty. For serious illness, we apply great and thorough therapy, for light illness, a few of little action will be effective. To be specific, it can be divided in three stages including massive adjustment, fine adjustment and micro adjustment: massive adjustment is drastically conducted at the first stage, and patients usually will have obvious feelings; in fine adjustment stage, patients usually will have few feelings or no feelings; in micro adjustment, patients usually will be unaware of the therapy. Human body has a complex and intricate internal structure, so different patients have different susceptibilities and sensations. The sensations may be very simple or complicated. Therefore, the patient need not pay too much attention to the sensations. Do not worry whether the treatment can cure your disease when you do not have particular feelings. When you are healthy or not very well, do you pay attention to heartbeat or breath? This is also true of our therapy. During lesion or TCM treatment, the patient might not experience or feel all changes to some organs. If you can immediately know which part of your body is wrong or does not work, you have no need to consult the doctor. With or without sensations, TCM therapy still works. Do not forget that TCM is a high-level medical system and prevails over any modern medical science.


Principles of medicine reaching the affected area (response to TCM treatment):

  1. Spiral type: an automatic process that rotates continuously in a DNA-like type with rising vital qi and falling foul qi (the health gradually comes back, while the illness gradually abates);
  2. Different severity and sequence of priority:


Common feelings or sensations after using our threapy (inexhaustive enumeration):

  1. Cancers or malignant diseases;
  2. 'Leukemia: Often accompanied by green tears...
  3. 'Liver cancer: Stings in flank, especially in left side, and the emotion changes easily...
  4. 'AIDS: symptoms of cold, distended feeling in hands, foot and the whole body, exanthem appearing in the skin next day, ..., boils appearing and purulence in toes and sole of foot, and other relevant symptoms for patients with other kind of cancers or diseases at the same time;
  5. Intestinal cancer: vomit or excrete green waste matters
  6. Patient who underwent surgical operation: flare, fever or pain may reappear at the affected part;
  7. Heart disease: pulsation over the body, which represents the working of medicine in regulating and supplying vital qi to the heart;
  8. Hepatobiliary diseases: hepatic governs the sinew. Irregular motion or spasm of the muscle shows the working of medicine in promoting the movement of qi and blood in liver meridian;
  9. Spleen governs the flesh: muscle twitch represents the working of medicine in stimulating the movement of qi and blood in spleen meridian;
  10. Respiratory diseases: lung governs the skin. The feelings of worm creeping, itching or irregular air movement indicate the functioning of medicine in promoting the movement of qi and blood in lung meridian;
  11. 'Kidney disease: kidney governs the bone. Bone joints rattling and erection in motion indicate that the medicine improves kidney energy;
  12. 'Ren channel disease: damp syndrome/morbid qi can exude from shoe bottom, and leave damp shoeprint on the ground...
  13. 'Urinary bladder disease: patients sweat without the effect of environmental temperature, even in air conditioned room or in snowing weather...
  14. 'Genital system disease:
  15. 'Internal injury, traumatic injury, rheumatoid disease, rheumatism, and gout: common symptoms include pain, torpor, swelling, or localized skin ulceration ...
  16. 'Epilepsy: patients feel stuffy and heavy in head, and phlegm (yellow and thick in the morning, and white in the afternoon)..., thin phlegm indicates recovery;
  17. 'Mental disease: patients may cough out or vomit out thick phlegm (phlegmatic nodules, usually white), which indicate the disease is cured;
  18. 'Cataract: patients may feel itchy and caligo, and gradually regain vision ...
  19. 'Patients from the same region or ethnic group may have the same feelings or symptoms, such as yellow and swell. The reason is that they suffer from the same disease;
  20. 'The physical indexes, which the higher will be higher while the lower will be lower, may fluctuate and later return to normal values. With the help of TCM, our body begins to recover and take over the functions previously restricted or replaced by Western medicine. So during this process, our body will need some time to readapt its own recovery function, and during the beggeing, it will have some positive feedback or negative feedback, then be in full adaptation, and recovery. Then our body will no longer need Western medicine.
  21. Stroke, hemiplegia or pamplegia: after treatment, the patient will experience uncontrollable but short-term movement of local muscle joints, or even run quickly subconsciously and cannot stop without grabbing a tree nearby ...
  22. Sore head and pus-running feet: apart from a sarcastic curse (referring to a sneaky person who is rotten from head to foot, bad in the extreme), it is also a true description of the reactions after our treatment! It is a wise TCM therapeutic method:
  23. The reactions of sufferers of other diseases are not enumerated here, but the basic principles are the same: all reactions are the prelude to rebirth and recovery. Most patients who receive our treatment have the following sensations or symptoms:
  24. For some products such as Employee Quality Function Series: after using of our TCM, some employees may exhibit unusual negative reaction (such as disobedience). Never mind. This is his true color. They used to suppress and hide their true self, and they will turn for the better after releasing their ego. A fault confessed is half redressed. After treatment, they tend to act and think in one and the same way;
  25. The reaction of medicine arriving at the affected site is not necessarily reflected on the patient;
  26. 'Pregnant women: the reactions will be more severe than those pregnant women who haven't taken our medicine. Because during optimizing process, corresponding adjustment takes place, which means the fetuses are different from others. So it is a good thing, so there is no need to worry about it. For the sake of your baby, do keep calm;
  27. 'If the products (such as ς-energy paper, ς-energy prescription, ς-energy chant) change color, are broken or smell badly during the use, it shows you have a seriouse health problem (must replace it with a new product). But it is a good signal and do not worry (if no such change occurs afterward, then it means the big trouble is removed. Of course you continue to use the product for consolidation);
  28. 'For more examples, refer to typical cases and personal experience or our BBS
  29. We might presume that science is equal to superstition! Superstition means believing in what you don't understand. How much do you know about science? That we believe in science we don't understand is superstition itself;
  30. 'Other medicine (including Western medicine) is unable to control the MingXuan and healing reactions caused by our TCM, and such reactions actually indicate that the medicine is right for the disease and is exerting its potency;
  31. 'Though it can't be explained in modern science, we care more about therapeutic effect. If it cures patients, what's harm without reason? It is just like talking and doing, in real society, talking and doing are always separated, that is to say, a person who speaks well doesn't mean he can do things well;

Generally, people complain about TCM's slow effect, so we modernize Chinese medicine to adapt to modern lifestyle and environment;

  1. 99% of our patients can feel the improvement progress starts within 3 days after taking our medicine! Even:
  2. 1% of patients may not experience the above mentioned reactions, or the effect of the medicines, but it does not affect therapeutic effect. In fact, the treat takes effect but the patients are unaware of it (just like most of us can't pay attention to our heartbeat or breath);
  3. Cancers are intelligent cells (evidenced by the history of biological evolution and the emerging bionics) and never await their doom. If not eradicated, they will make a comeback and attack the patients more fiercely;
  4. If a patient has a good body with strong resistance and immunity or the illness is at its early stage, the possibility of recovery is high; the therapeutic effect differs from area to area. For instance, Eastern people are more ready to accept TCM, or accept TCM therapy at the same time, and the recovery rate is up to 99%.
  5. It will be more difficult for patients who have undergone operations! Because their meridians, which determine their body conditions, have been broken or damaged;
  6. Western medicine adopts local blocking method to contain pain or injury (usually with the aid of anesthetics and hormones), which sometime causes an irreversible and permanent damage to meridians and their nerve conduction;. So the therapy is actually a self-deceiving and unwise method.

Here, we do not want to talk big, like earliest discoveries, inventions or contributions. Let's get down to business and try to solve your practical problems. Just do it and try this TCM therapy, a few small sesames or peas can force/drive out the diseases plaguing the patient for many years, and also eradicate it! Seeing is believing. Why not try this quintessence of a 5,000-year civilization, or the magic of TCM? Why not make a try?


If your meridians are obstructed, you feel pain and even fall ill. Under the influence of a TCM medicine, the affected meridians are being treated and you will feel pain. Agony signals the natural response of human body to a disease;

  1. A short-term imbalance exists before a new balance. This is so called dynamic balance. It is a normal reaction, and you will feel yourself better again after such reaction.
  2. It is similar to rally drill of "One, two, one";. At beggening, the soldiers are not in the same step, when the trainer shouts "one, two, one";, the group pace will be more irregular since they are all adjusting their pace to achieve synchronism. After a period of muddle, they will become synchronous, orderly and normal.
  3. To put it simple, human meridians is like a transportation network including air, water and land transportation modes. The coordination of meridians can guarantee normal working of all human organs. Once these "channels"; are broken or blocked, various diseases or the dysfunction of some human body will rise. If we talk more further, then it become to a topic of prolonging life;
  4. In the sense of Western medicine, it is a biological targeted missile that can automatically identify and hit the target so that it can be cured (biological targeted missile in Western medicine was recently developed. It is said to be very advanced and costly but not very reliable). As a matter fact, traditional Chinese doctors have been using such missile for thousands of years;
  5. Generally speaking, the patient suffers most when the meridians are about to be opened;
  6. Under the effect of our medicine, you might remember or think of the diseases that plagued you more than 10 years ago. Our therapy worked to expel your former injuries or diseases out of your body;
  7. As a matter of fact, the patient's uncomfortable symptoms are natural resistance of human body to a disease, or human body's self-conditioning, such as pain;


Now we use some professional terms and specific cases to explain how to cure unbalanced meridians:

  1. Brain atrophy (right brain embolism) sufferer  Wang x x, Male, born in 1937, China, Case No.: 03041801B01 (he took a prescription from online Energy Food, and did not meet us face to face)
  2. Parkinson's patient Cheng x, Male, Adult, Hong Kong, Case No.: 03031001B01
  3. Leukemia patient Wu x x (Gordon Jr.), Male, born in 1989, Canada, Case No.: 1239A recovery (the world's first leukemia patient cured with medicine)


In regulating unbalanced meridians, we shall treat the cases in the order of importance and urgency with attention given to overall balance:

  1. In each of the abovementioned cases of unbalanced meridian, the meridians are listed in the order of severity (i.e., the first one is major contradiction affected most, while the rest are secondary contradictions);
  2. The meridians are listed in the order of severity of imbalance. The most unbalanced one is first regulated. When this meridian is made close to balance, the regulation shall be paused, for there is a worse affected meridian has to be addressed:
  3. If the efforts are concentrated on adjusting the formerly most unbalanced meridian without considering overall balance, it is a wrong treatment to continue to treat it as a major contradiction when the meridian has approached its balance;
  4. With the change of order of unbalanced meridians, i.e., change of most unbalanced meridians, the patient will exhibit different symptoms highlighting the ones of most affected meridian;
  5. In general, the patients will turn for the better with spiral improvement of their resistance and body functions;


Maybe you will feel intolerable during this stage, but you will surely feel refreshed and even reborn after enduring this short-term stage. So do not hesitate but learn to accept this fact:

  1. For weak patients with severe conditions who cannot bear the efficacy of the medicines, we will divide the stage according to realities:
  2. Take things as they come. Keep calm and do not forget about mutual assistance. Do not ask for too much. Do not be greedy or think too much about something (do not be excessively happy or unhappy);
  3. The unbalance of seven emotions (joy, anger, worry, over thinking, grief, fear and shock) affects the functions of internal organs, disorders qi blood, blocks channel qi and causes or aggravates illness. Excessive emotions may damage different internal organs. Do be careful:
  4. Positive attitude and support of friends and relatives:


Warning: anyone who chooses not to follow our instructions might receive unexpected reactions. Their reactions are not necessarily normal, i.e., not one of MingXuan reactions.

The patient shall not give up halfway during treatment but go through the whole treatment. Otherwise it is a waste of time and energy to receive treatment after a period of interruption;

  1. Some patients give up their treatment and waste all their previous efforts. It is a real pity that they are almost successful;
  2. When the body approaches balance, the adjustments will be slight and the patient may not sense the above reactions by then;
  3. If you have the chance to receive our therapy and you sense the above feelings or sensations, Congratulations!

When you recover to a certain extent, you will be very sensitive to the change of solar periods, weather and seasons as well as sun and moon movement, magnetic storm and solar storm. That shows your harmony with nature and kind of self-protection. Don't fret or worry. It will be OK after such reactions. You are also sensitive to ordinary food and environment. If you eat unhealthy or polluted foods, diarrhea will occur soon. All such symptoms are human body's repulsion to and self-protection against foreign pathogenic matters.

It is worth noting that the reactions at the first stage stand for the treatment of existing diseases, while the following reactions occur to prevent any future disease, or preserve health or prolong life. Of course, the improvement of health are also related to one's study, career, business, official career, luck, etc. The time of appearance of them varies from person to person and is closely related to each person's age, constitution and physical & mental qualities (With superior performance and without harmful chemicals, our products are suitable for long-term use).