Chinese medicine doctor practicing western medicine study union possibility


In other words, the China and the West medicine now certainly does not have the union the common language or the possibility, also meant calculated with the administrative order, at best only altogether uses an office, in the identical office each does what he thinks is right, or with drinks pot coffee.

The doctor practicing western medicine kills by poison the principle, with the Chinese medicine adjustment principle is different. With doctor practicing western medicine's lethal dose computation Chinese medicine hundred flowers snake tongue grass, only has the Chinese medicine which the doctor practicing western medicine educates only then to be able so to process! Screening treats the cancer the Chinese native medicine, seeks has the anti- cancer the Chinese native medicine, also only has the Chinese medicine which was taught the doctor practicing western medicine only then to say. Such being the case science doctor practicing western medicine, also why helpless bug what? But non- standard classics?

The traditional Chinese medicine although has the advanced theory, but has restricted the development step because of certain reasons backwardness. The atypical pneumonia epidemic situation improved the Chinese medicine status, we should grasp this opportunity development traditional Chinese medicine system, weeds through the old to bring forth the new in the clinical research, to obtain a better effect, benefits the patient.

We should not spend the time and the manpower physical resource establish the digital Chinese medicine and the technical system in the clinical research. By the digital literature concept knew and the explanation is doctor practicing western medicine's study research way, certainly is not suitable in the traditional Chinese medicine, simultaneously can more trace black, because populace's understanding ability is limited, only if you will have the original story the so abstruse traditional Chinese medicine theory three languages two words explanations to be clear. Let alone the populace did not understand that, the doctor practicing western medicine did not understand, the Chinese medicine jobholders also many was the heart has hit, referred difficultly bright, was not certainly easy to understand and to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of a subject. In order to enhance strong points and avoid weaknesses, exempts the spring white clouds, we should to the curative effect speak, makes known to the public by the outstanding treatment result, take the high speed highly effective any side effect as the characteristic, lets the people understand and accept has in 5000 the history the outstanding medicine.

Doesn't have doctor practicing western medicine's age, how the Chinese medicine is passes through? The Chinese medicine tradition is the medicine parents heart, heart of take the parents, regards the patient to leave as the oneself, is responsible for it, will cure with the harmless method, thorough curing, will not be able again to manifest suddenly curing! How could heard resembles like the present, is one kind of commercial relation, doctor tries the big prescription high sales commission, the patient tries to question each doctor (hope looks for doctor which as soon as trusts and has help), the patient and doctor are one kind of resistance or the resistance psychology, how doesn't this affect the treatment?

The doctor practicing western medicine to fast caters to the common people critically ill psychology, considers only the at present point of view, has excised the tumor, certainly has been attractive, the question is the cause of disease has not eliminated, next time also will be able again to send! But the next time already will be the next time matter, Qian Ishou, the business already makes in any case, next time sooner. Therefore said this although is the business which succeeds, but to the patient is the irresponsible way. We also understood this certainly is not doctor practicing western medicine's original intention, what a pity is this is the helpless fact. Doctor practicing western medicine itself also deeply feels confusedly, receives the education and grasps the knowledge and the reality do not tally, they also are seeking the outlet.

The doctor practicing western medicine certainly is not a complete system.

The Chinese medicine has the Chinese medicine system or the system, from became a body (minimum 300 year before continuously so), moreover was extremely outstanding, why also had to confuse one for the other, outsmarts oneself?

The Chinese medicine is uses the universe energy, the Chinese medicine prescription is the universe can one of application methods, is the universe can the concrete use, the universe can the use, certainly not ignorant killing by poison may place on a par with the simple excision.

Long term says, still should by the traditional Chinese medicine development traditional Chinese medicine, push as soon as possible the traditional Chinese medicine to the renewal, a higher level, namely modernized level, with when advanced together.

The Chinese medicine has the spirit, gives up the doctor practicing western medicine which you now uses diagnose the Chinese medicine knowledge which the method and the doctor practicing western medicine teaches, earnestly grasps the Chinese medicine four to examine with the corresponding unadorned Chinese medicine foundation, do not study others any anti- cancer anti- virus, must know, the Chinese medicine is despises to these.

When the Chinese medicine goal with works as the doctor practicing western medicine is different, cannot the same date say. Is is an idea, is for the camp business, the doctor practicing western medicine is or may be the business dealing, but the business dealing to the Chinese medicine said is despises, makes money is not the Chinese medicine goal, may not be concerned only about profit, the Chinese medicine was the medicine parents heart, "in big medical concise" has been clear about the instruction.

The cooperation of Chinese and Western medicine only advantage, possibly is may alleviate the doctor practicing western medicine the awkwardness which has no alternative facing the disease.

Some people the Hong Kong non- standard period more than 1,700 people will catch an illness, 299 people die of illness, destroy several hundred families happiness to put the blame on to know limitedly to this kind of neopathy sickness. But in fact, if the Hong Kong government and the medical department initially looks down upon the Chinese medicine, if the doctor practicing western medicine can suffice promptly to take the suitable guard measure (certainly, if has), Hong Kong catches an illness and the casualty is may greatly reduce. The entire port hospital appears the responsibility in any event to Hong Kong because of the non- standard which the such serious human life casualties has cannot be shirked, cans hardly absolve.

(Why under the public sentiment turbulent popular indignation and the formidable social pressure on nobody thought investigated doctor practicing western medicine's responsibility), the hygienic welfare and food commodity bureau Bureau Chief Yang x x successively low-spirited leaves office with medical department President Liang, says really, they are very treat unjustly with the grievance, if these doctors practicing western medicine some original stories, all have not put to death the people, they cannot die, they cannot leave office, could not become the doctor practicing western medicine for the crime lamb. The people most want to see not only are the concerned official take the blame and resign, hoped consummates the entire medical system.

The paper wraps up the fire, the doctor practicing western medicine already revealed one's true colors in front of the non- standard, although still does not send Yu Wei and its the present status, but made doctor practicing western medicine's future great danger. The deeply grieved fact, constrains the anger, many years hate, always some on first bursts out anger the thunder, shakes breaks down the foundation which the doctor practicing western medicine pains builds. The doctor practicing western medicine from thinks the self-satisfied extremely high new science and technology, also is mediocre, the Lian Hsiaohsiao non- standard also could not process, how.

Chinese medicine and doctor practicing western medicine although all are is a medicine, but the two entirely different (trouble was the present Chinese medicine also in study doctor practicing western medicine), the two concept was completely different. Is a vegetarian on the picture and eats meat, with whether or not the nutrition is two matters, is two completely different concepts.

The Chinese medicine and the doctor practicing western medicine not only are the academic struggle, moreover is with the world common people long correlation struggle life and death, involves the life to spread the coal, does not have any polite erudite Confucian scholar, gently obeys. Because cures the disease to be equal to dies, is equal to the death! Likes the non- standard the ghost to be same, or like AIDS ghost!

We do not discuss the cancer, said the diabetes has been good, many dimorphism diabetes patient is after arises for several years only then to discover the condition! By now the kidney possibly already started to damage, the doctor practicing western medicine only could depend upon albuminuria the inspection to discover whether the patient kidney already did have the problem, also only could act appropriately to the situation, slows down the aggravation of disease, also only could passively filter to kidney fading with the machinery, simultaneously knew this was firmly not the return avenue, only was tows the time, one day compared to day heavy, one day really to one day! Surpasses four tenths diabetes patients to be able to suffer from the renopathy, finally only can depend on the kidney to transplant or washes the kidney to maintain the life for a long time. Needs to wash the kidney in the diabetes patient, only some 1/4 may exactly surpass for 5 years, many also can suffer from the heart disease, the stroke, loses one's sight and so on the illness complication. Such work fully suffices? To results in the patient? Not only so, but also tells the patient this is the only method of treatment!

The doctor practicing western medicine must calculate the lethal dose, calculates a kilogram / body weight; Chinese medicine then concept different, is only with the switch principle, non-toxic is harmless, the Chinese medicine treatment, is natural being restored to health, is encouragement natural being restored to health, promotes natural being restored to health.

Since we understood and sees the doctor practicing western medicine replete with errors, why doesn't let the common people know? Why doesn't let the common people accept well, even more may save their life the Chinese medicine? A doctor, has the conscience doctor if knew own localization / standpoint, should consider for the patient, considers for patient's benefit, considers for patient's life.

West doctor itself has received misleading, was not west doctor's mistake, was the doctor practicing western medicine has deceived the populace, was the doctor practicing western medicine system has deceived the populace! Will be the doctor practicing western medicine not the mature thing uses on the sickness person, west hoped doctor will be allowed to awaken, will not deceive oneself and others. Simply thinks that, why such many incurable diseases, simultaneously so-called may treat, but is delays surviving, has not removen the cause of disease, but the doctor practicing western medicine never mentions removes the cause of disease, does not propose the prevention.

When the doctor practicing western medicine could not process, the doctor practicing western medicine gave up, the patients could not mind the Chinese medicine whether feudalism had blindly believed in, they could look for the Chinese medicine. So long as they accept / take the Chinese native medicine, they can profit.

The sesame seed mung bean soup may treat an illness, what concept is this? Looks like the atomic bomb and the TNT blasting explosive concept, TNT needs a truck only then to be allowed to explode a small hole, the atomic bomb is not a hole question, but was a city question. We do not have to follow doctor practicing western medicine's theory, because of its theory replete with errors, simultaneously also is the ratio which said completes. The peanut fries / boils, after eats the bodily response is different, the southerner are many is not familiar with eats fries the peanut, because can get angry. Some women, the physique compares the weak one common dizzy, the clothing fries the black soybeans then, simple is effective, solid, simply does not need any to guard against the dizzy medicine.

The Chinese medicine has the Chinese medicine the theory, the slow doctor of Chinese medicine's name or the concept must changes, any Chinese medicine only can treat the chronic illness, is wrong! The Chinese medicine has anxiously governs its sign, slow governs its theory / stipulation, also is said also may use in to administer first aid. The traditional culture pursue connotation, is not the form external, semblance surface. If hits the Taijiquan, may stand is hitting, may sit hits, also may lie down is hitting, may hit under the static state, the law is indefinite method is this Italy.