Our Ultra Modern Communication Pattern


Czechoslovakia transports the self-service to diagnose and treat the system (Online ς-energy Paper, Online ς-energy Fang, Online ς-energy Read, Online ς-energy Music, Online ς-energy Food): Voluntarily chooses the corresponding project by the patient, after this voluntarily prints the corresponding prescription.

On the surface here different choice only is returns whorl, but the fact certainly not so, this customer is choosing, his thought idea already obtained the confirmation and the affirmation, his each choice all was not most at least same. This to us significant, certainly includes the patient.

Along with the biology recognition technology unceasing development, through decipher the human cerebrum to realize distinguishes the user the biological recognizer the thought pass " the scale to move the brain thought the password "the sesame seed" automatically opens the gate the brain electric wave recognition technology, already during research. This kind is called "the thought pass " the brain electric wave recognition technology is had the unique security, will become in the world to be possible to change the biological characteristic the biology recognition technology, the user only must find out a different password, stored up it in the computer may. Does not need the key card, the password and other troublesome preserves the tool, "the user only must thought their password ", may freely use individual bank account to take out the deposit, the visit, the deposit and withdrawal computer material or turns on the door lock to enter building the forbidden area. The brain electric wave slight difference enables the brain electric wave recognition technology to become the ideal safe application formula, "you may use the sound, the music or the childhood recollection take the password. You even may give the others some images to help them to recall to mind own 'to think think pass'". Certainly, this regarding the modern people said also will be only the future type.

The optical topographic map is a kind of brain machine interface technology (principle is a few infrared ray brilliant rays emitted through the surface of brain, draw the state of the blood flow of brain), Can analyze the slight change of the blood flow of human brain, then transform this kind of brain activity into electronic information. It is a that makes use of brain thinking to hold a machine method, so long as people use one's head, do not need remote controller to start the switch, revolving stage and shut down etc..

On the century 70's US Department of Defense funds "the biological control" the project, is the research sends out the instruction operation computer by the cerebrum. The usual brain electric wave moves when the people the body or speaks produces, moreover if the person wants to let the bodily some spot activity, even if the body certainly not really positive drive gets up, this time produces brain electric wave also with this spot proper motion when produces the brain electric wave has not distinguished. When bodily different spot movement, produces the brain electric wave from cerebrum each region is different. The principle is: Bodily various spots and vernier motion 11 correspondences. If the user thought "moves the right hand ", a left brain cerebrum skin archery target part enlivens, after the electrode catches this change to cause the vernier to move from right to left; Otherwise, once considered "moves the left hand ", vernier on from left toward right movement; Thought "right foot ", the vernier is upward; Under thought "the left leg ", the vernier faces. This special case already to 80's initial period severance.

However, Chinese medicine in how many millenniums morning of the day before yesterday already application to clinical. Why is this the great scientists did not understand the ancient Chinese medicine the main reason scale level is distanced too in a big way.

We depend upon the brain electric wave recognition technology, provides the different service for the different patient, provides the interaction, because they are clicking on the mouse time had the thought, and passes to the ocean other shore another end through the Internet. Usually, in the people brain pondered when the thing too are many, some unconsciousness thought (are just like a memory deep place song) to be able to cause the brain electric wave signal to change fuzzily. But when asks examines, this consciousness highly concentrates and the strengthening, the life related, intensely yearned for, the heart honestly causes however (vulgar gratifying honest spirit is this Italy), the brain electric wave signal changes extremely clearly is accurate, (how easiness recognizes you to know this brain electric wave can pass to other galaxies or freezes).

We use modern the Internet search technology to make the analogy again, any homepage so long as has published, is unable to delete, the general meeting has some quoin, the average person wants to find possibly quite difficultly, but or used certain software for the expert to be easy. Similarly, the error in thought, all cares about to the heart, must think the person did not know only if the oneself not is, but also has the day knowledge knowledge; Not only may not make the misdemeanor, said not good, wants not to be good, wants to be also guilty, had thought this idea flutters with the wind (but certainly cannot pass with the wind, matter conservation), also can affect the others! Simultaneously this one drifts with the wind the idea, hits has your excellency brand mark, likes on the colored copy to have this duplicator as well as to produce this duplicator factory the code to be same, always could not escape the dry department. This also is personally repairs is.

You thought, if the Chinese medicine may withdraw grasps utilizes these information, its sensitivity and the accuracy can Western medicine weak nuclear magnetic resonance be better than some?

Disease (including tumor) in front of seed has all sorts of marks mark, can send out all sorts of information, the Chinese medicine may in this time even in front of this time withdraws and catches these exceptionally precious information, thus may early carry on the prevention and the treatment.

The China traditional culture therefore is deep, is because it all cares about to the heart, this is the traditional culture depth. Is named the woman heart seabed needle, lets you go to the boundless sea, moreover did not know is that sea, salvages small embroidery needle, the difficulty it can be imagined, definitely acts foolishly compared to the Chu person difficultly, but compares the traditional culture, how can it be that also can the same date say.